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Wednesday, April 07, 2004

Went to Luna park, st. kilda (the could-be-dodgy district with attitude, funk and great gelati) with some friends to watch a magic show- they're aiming to set a new guiness record for the world's longest magic show. It's to raise funds for the "brainwave centre" (neurological research/treatment centre) in the royal children's hospital- GO PAEDS!!!

I've got to wake up in 6 hours' time for tomorrow's programme. Have been assigned to a clinical placement with a general paractice in templestowe, but all the bus drivers in most of melbourne (i think) are on strike until 21 april, so the only viable way of getting to there from the city is to take a half-hour train to the nearest train station to that neighbourhood, and take a (very expensive) cab from the train station to the clinic. My senior (well he's a doctor now) recommended i call the doctor tomorrow morning, explain the situation to him and see if i don't have to go down. Think i'll do that (=.

Been reflecting (what's new? =P). And I realized that what Ravi Zecharias says is so true -
Meaningless does not come from being weary of pain/suffering, meaningless comes from being weary of pleasure... when after sampling pleasure after pleasure, you are left barren and empty.

1) Anything that refreshes you without distracting you from your ultimate goal is a legitimate pleasure.
And to know this makes things so much easier- once you know what your ultimate goal is.

2) Any pleasure that jeopardises the sacred right of another is an illicit pleasure.

3) Proverbs 25:16- if you find honey, eat just enough of it; too much, and you will vomit. And anyone, christian or buddhist, muslim or atheist, can attest to it. Any pleasure, however good, if not kept in balance, will distort reality or destroy appetite. Keep your life in balance- the best of sensual/emotional/intellectual pleasures will satisfy you the best for the short-term only.

1) Pleasure for pleasure's sake will leave you empty.-= must be a means, never an end to itself.
will fill in the rest tomrrow or later.
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