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Friday, April 09, 2004

My sister's friend posted this cover letter while hunting for jobs:

"Dear Sir or Madam:

XXXX is a geek. We hate to admit it but all be it music or the latest gadgets, he loves them all. He spends his time reading up on articles like all those gizmos that we would normally not give the time of the day. Apparently he studied communications in university and spent time at Straits Times Interactive which he wrote and managed their web content. I guess that is rather geeky when he should have been out there doing something more 'macho'. Spoke to him sometime back and he claimed to be 'pop-culturally versed "GenX-er", inescapably immersed in the entertainment scene and the latest music and fashion trends', but seriously, he still wears his Weezer t-shirts out all the time. With someone like him, whose weakness is his CD collection and his iPod, I rather you not employ him. We been through that and sure do not want you to have to put up with his lousy sense of humor, his useless trivial, time reading up articles on the computer instead of porn and constant visits to the magazine store.


Mum, Dad & Soon-to-be-Ex-Girlfriend"

The SOB managed to squeeze past over 2,000 applicants for a job at one of America's largest PR firms (S'pore office).

I'm torn between admiration and outrage.
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