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Wednesday, July 04, 2018

Stumbling For Something Of Value

Stumbling For Something Of Value

Random thoughts on the passing scene:

How can they find so much junk to put on television? You would think they would accidentally stumble across something worthwhile now and then.

There is no greater indictment of judges than the fact that honest men are afraid to go into court, while criminals swagger out its revolving doom.

Whenever I see people in high fashion ads. with their blah expressions and stuck-up poses, l wonder: “Is this someone you would really like to meet'?" If not, why would you want to look that way?

Joe DiMaggio gets more money for signing baseballs today than he ever got for hitting them when he was the top player in baseball.

When you are at peace with yourself, you can be at war with the world and still be happy.

Linda Chavez says that she resents being called a “person of color." “All people have color." she says. Now that she mentions it, l can't remember seeing anyone who looked like Cellophane either.

Many people need more help than they deserve. That's why there are families.

If nothing else, history should teach us how lucky we are to be living today. Even current events should teach us how lucky we are to be living in America.

The biggest and most long-lasting result of this year's elections may be that the great majority of Americans realize that people who believe as they do are the majority - despite media pundits' attempts to dismiss their beliefs and values as those of fringe fanatics.

Much worse than the recent increase in postage is the fact that the new price of a stamp is 32 cents. This guarantees that, all across the length and breadth of this country, millions of people waiting in lines will be delayed needlessly while everyone has to fumble around for pennies.

Why do some people use confusing and meaningless designations like 12 a.m, or 12 pm., when noon and midnight will tell you clearly which one they mean?

Has Bosnia finally taught us the lesson that you do not put troops in impossible situations because of media clamor by editorial office heroes?

Some people drive like they are in some kind of contest, instead of trying to get where they are going in one piece.

We are among the biggest tools in history if we keep on paying people to make us hate each other. Whether it is called by pretty names like 'multiculturalism," "diversity" or "gender awareness." that is what it all boils down to.

l don't mind paying bills that I owe, but why do some companies send bills that say you owe zero dollars? Are we supposed to send them a check for zero dollars?

If anything good ever comes out of the O. J. Simpson trial, it may he a greater public awareness of what a disaster the American legal system has become as judges have recklessly multiplied the technicalities that get in the way of deciding guilt and innocence.

Recently, as I watched an obviously very bright 3-year-old boy, l wondered: What can the shallow people in our public schools offer this child? He will be lucky if they do not kill his desire to learn.

People are singing the praises of computerized e-mail and trying to get me to set up an e-mail address. My problem is that I already get more mail than l can handle. It is a good day for me when I can read it all. Answering even half of it is a Utopian hope.

An unwillingness to do little things often gets people into big trouble.

The problem with making public policy about immigrants is that there is no such thing as an immigrant in general. Not only do they differ individually, immigrants from some countries and cultures may be great assets to the United States while others just drain the welfare state - and any attempt to have different policies for immigrants from different countries will run into the all-purpose denunciation, "racism."

--- Thomas Sowell in The Pantagraph, Bloomington, Illinois, Friday, January 6, 1995
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