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Friday, July 06, 2018

Links - 6th July 2018 (2)

XXIII 🐐 11 L.P. on Twitter: "Muslim activist accuses Trump of inciting racism towards him, then forgets to switch accounts before posting a fake hate speech tweet directed at himself, from his own account

Two Afghan migrants who raped woman for three hours while their mate filmed it on Facebook Live are jailed for just TWO years

Cambridge extremist jailed for four years after inciting racial hatred online

Taxi monopoly at Quebec City airport dismays budget travellers - "Quebec City is the only city in Canada with a population of 500,000 with no shuttle bus or public transit to and from the airport. Instead, the 1.6 million passengers who land or depart from Jean Lesage Airport every year must all take a taxi, if they don't have a lift."

Women's March Invite to Bernie Sanders Sparks Outrage - "Many supporters of the group, which spearheaded the record-setting marches around the U.S. to protest President Donald Trump’s inauguration in January, were outraged that conference organizers would pick a white man to address a convention meant to elevate women of color. Others were annoyed that Sanders—who recently endorsed a candidate for mayor in Nebraska who has been criticized as anti-abortion—would be embraced by a movement that supports reproductive rights. Others nursed a grudge against Sanders and his supporters for their role in Hillary Clinton’s election defeat."
Of course they prefer Linda Sarsour

RUMOR - Marvel Comics in trouble, Disney relocating it to Burbank? - "There are rumors circulating that the House of Mouse is unhappy with Marvel Comics’ rapidly declining sales and creators’ combative presence on social media"
"Comic writers straight up insulting their audience on social media and saying "straight white men should stay away", turned out to be bad for business"

This cruise ship is just one massive sex party - "The X-rated trip — dubbed “The Naughty Cruise” — will see hundreds of couples from all over the world leave their inhibitions on land for four days of non-stop adult fun... Besides plenty of kinky playrooms, the ships also has dungeons, dark rooms, rooms for the ladies and an ever changing lineup of themed rooms for those looking for something different."

'Sex island' holiday with unlimited sex and booze starts today - here's what guests can expect - "A "high profile British pop star" is said to be among tourists booked on the trip to on a tropical party island where guests get to romp with 16 girls at once. The mystery British singer, who has had "many number one hits", paid the £3,100 price for a ticket to the four-day sex fest where 60 high-class hookers will be on hand for "unlimited sex"... a local priest in Cartenega, the town in northern Colombia where the holiday company is based, even complained to the Pope about the debauchery... People paying for the trip will get two girls for 24 hours to "satisfy their every need", claim the firm behind the trip."

Surprise, this incredibly youthful 41-year-old woman shows off equally stunning sisters AND mother - "Dubbed the "goddess with a frozen age" by the Chinese media, Lure Hsu might just be the most youthful 41-year-old around. Yes, you read that right. The Taiwanese woman is not 18, but in her 40s... Their mother (centre), a retired dancer aged 63, looks incredibly youthful as well"

New Zealand’s Crusade Against Mammals - "The sort of amateur naturalist who in Oregon or Oklahoma might track butterflies or band birds will, in Otorohanga, poison possums and crush the heads of hedgehogs. As the coördinator of one volunteer group put it to me, “We always say that, for us, conservation is all about killing things.”... So dire has the situation become that schoolchildren are regularly enlisted as little exterminators. (A recent blog post aimed at hardening hearts against cute little fuzzy things ran under the headline “Mrs. Tiggy-Winkle, Serial Killer.”)... The logo of the group, Predator Free New Zealand, shows a kiwi with a surprised expression standing on the body of a dead rat... The Australian naturalist Tim Flannery has described New Zealand’s avian-dominated landscape as a “completely different experiment in evolution.” It shows, he has written, “what the world might have looked like if mammals as well as dinosaurs had become extinct 65 million years ago, leaving the birds to inherit the globe.” Jared Diamond once described the country’s native fauna as the nearest we’re likely to come to “life on another planet.”... Roughly a quarter of New Zealand’s native bird species are now extinct, and many of those which remain are just barely hanging on. If current trends continue, it is predicted that within a generation or two the land of Kiwis will be without kiwi... New Zealand is the only country in the world that has succeeded in turning pest eradication into an export industry... in New Zealand, killing small mammals brings people together"

Olympic diving duo splits after teammate’s ‘marathon sex session’ - "It’s the first rule of team diving: Never go down without your partner. Yet a pair of synchronized divers from Brazil split up this week after one of them kicked the other out of their Olympic Village dorm room to engage in a “marathon sex session” on the eve of their competition... Giovanna Pedroso, 17, says she was forced to spend the whole night before her event wandering around outside her room while her partner, 20-year-old Ingrid Oliveira, got wet and wild with a male canoeist named Pedro Goncalves. The long night for both teammates showed the next day at the Olympic diving pool. The women came in dead last in the 10-meter synchronized event, with a performance that reportedly drew laughs from the crowd."

What women want? The 'sex move' all men should be using to massively boost their partner's enjoyment - "A post-coital cuddle boosts women's sexual enjoyment by 30 per cent... a cuddle after sex made men feel better too, while increasing the chances of their being a repeat encounter"

This Nurse Is Being Dubbed As 'The World's Sexiest' And We See Why - "After her Instagram was found and the photos shared on the internet, 23-year-old Carina Linn found out that her Instagram was immensely popular, quickly gaining over 400,000 followers in a few short weeks... Despite her modesty, there are definitely still a ton of people who find the Taiwanese nurse absolutely stunning"

Middlesbrough penis attack: How do you have sex if your penis is CHOPPED OFF? We answer all the embarrassing questions about the horrific injury - "A Chinese study of 50 men who underwent reattachment surgery found that all but one achieved full functionality again. Remarkably, that was the case even if the operation required reattaching both tissue and bone... in the Chinese study all but one of the patients recovered full functionality with some reportedly going on to father children after the removal. Apparently with the reattachment option a manufactured penile implant is needed for an erection to take place, but ejaculation is either not possible or not done with as much force."

Man cuts off his own penis because he was so frustrated about not having a girlfriend - "Unlucky in love Yang Hu was so fed up with not having a girlfriend that he chopped off his own penis -because he had no real use for it."

You've got to be yolking! Teenage boy 'lays an EGG in front of baffled doctors' - "A hospital spokesman said: "Our suspicion is that the eggs were deliberately shoved into Akmal's rectum."

How young women convince men who want to use a condom to have unprotected sex instead - "The most common tactics used were seduction and risk reassurance — meaning getting a man so sexually excited that he agreed to have sex without a condom and convincing a man that a condom is unnecessary because she was “clean.” Some women also said that they complained condoms made sex less enjoyable, told their partner they would be angry if they used a condom, or simply asked their partner not use a condom. About 3 percent of women said they had convinced a man not to use a condom by withholding sex or sabotaging the condom. A slightly smaller percentage reported using physical force to prevent a man from getting a condom... women with a history of STIs were much more likely to use condom use resistance tactics than women without a history"

Christian couple rejected as adoptive parents argue rights violated - "The Edmonton couple — whose are identified only by initials in court documents — allege an initial recommendation they be allowed to adopt was revoked after “interference” by the Ministry of Children’s Services, and that they were told their religious beliefs related to gender and sexuality were contrary to the “official position of the Alberta government.”"

Illegal brothels shut down by man paid to have sex - "MEET ‘John’. He’s in his 60s, divorced, and he gets paid to have sex with prostitutes. John is a brothel buster. Actually, “more often than not it’s just a handjob”... For the past four years, John says he’s averaged around one “job” every three weeks, usually at one of the countless Asian massage parlours dotting Sydney’s streets. Walk down busy George Street in the CBD, for example, and it seems like there is one every 50 metres. According to John, they “most definitely” all provide sexual services of one kind or another. “If you looked hard enough, you might be able to find a massage parlour that doesn’t offer sexual services,” he says. “In my experience there have only been three premises where I have gone in and not been offered that service some time during the course of the treatment.”"

"Birth Rape" Rhetoric is Ugly, Misleading - "Some factions within the natural childbirth movement are attempting to popularize the concept of "birth rape." The idea is that women who are handled roughly, verbally abused, or bullied into unwelcome interventions during labor are literally being raped by their health care providers... "Birth rape" is an emotionally manipulative metaphor that encourages women to re-frame traumatic experiences in a way that makes them seem even more traumatic... To encourage women to recast that experience as a sexual violation, even when everyone agrees that the doctor did nothing sexually inappropriate, is cruel, not liberating."
From 2010, at least. This might not have been written in 2018

Rape Culture in Singapore – Is it really that different from Delhi? - "Many are outraged at the circumstances of women in India and in other countries, and are quick to voice their gratefulness for the treatment of women in Singapore where women are much freer to wear what they desire and travel when they want, without fearing for their lives or dignity. As an immigrant myself, I truly appreciate the security and freedom enjoyed by women in this regard, especially compared to my country of origin. I agree it is certainly something to be very proud of."
When you're so eager to push your agenda you don't realise you're contradicting yourself

The Progressive Case Against Assisted Suicide - "We all must take a skeptical look and acknowledge the role that money and power play in end-of- life decisions, and how assisted suicide is being used by some health care companies and decision-makers to increase their bottom line by denying treatment. Physician assisted suicide disproportionately affects the poor and people living with disabilities. That explains, at least in part, why there is widespread opposition from virtually every disability rights group in the nation, including the National Council on Disability, the American Association of People with Disabilities (AAPD), the National Council on Independent Living (NCIL), the National Spinal Cord Injury Association, the World Institute on Disability and FREED... In Oregon where assisted suicide is legal, cancer patients Barbara Wagner and Randy Stroup were denied coverage of their chemotherapy prescribed by their doctor but were informed by their health care provider, Oregon’s state run health plan, that it would pay for their assisted suicide. When assisted suicide is offered as a “choice” and coverage for care is denied, the patient is left with no control over their medical choices and no real choice at all"

The Inventor Who Has Developed a Sweet-Smelling "Fart Pill" - "From the man who brought the world toilet paper printed with news articles for combined bathroom utility and entertainment comes Pilule Pet, a “fart pill” seriously intended to rid us all of the offensive smell of human gas... Christian Poincheval, who Toor describes as “some sort of hippie Da Vinci; a compulsive inventor-artist-musician living in the rural hills of northwest France.” ... He started with pills to turn your toots into rose-, violet- and chocolate-scented delights and, more recently, released a ginger-scented pill for Valentine’s Day."

Last Night in Malmö - "A huge part of the reason why people are trusting misrepresentations of the situation in Sweden is because almost nobody who is actually experiencing what’s happening is talking about it, especially not in English... ethnic Swedes would feel excluded if they decided to come and live here. If they were to send their children to schools in the area they would be bullied badly. This is something I’ve seen first hand, and every Swedish person who had the misfortune to go to a mostly immigrant school was forced to leave after a few years... While immigrants are being married away and forced to conform to age old ideals, Swedish girls are fighting against patriarchy in Swedish culture, and complaining about unequal representations in TV-shows. This is actually a good thing at first glance, as it means that they’ve never had to deal with real oppression, something that shows how good Swedish society is, but the sad thing is real oppression is present, and instead of being able to identify it and fighting it they are allying themselves with it"

Having A Woman Boss Doesn't Help Women Get Ahead - "They improve neither the amounts the women earn nor the the jobs they hold... The paper is called “Women in Charge: The Impact of Female Managers on Gender Inequality.”... The study does show one way that female managers make a difference for workers: Women bosses are more willing to grant flexible work arrangements. Employees working for women managers were 2.25 times more likely to work part-time as were those reporting to male managers. However, both men and women reap this benefit more or less equally, says the study... Thought Abraham didn’t pose this question to her study subjects, she does engage in some interesting speculation in the paper, citing other research by scholars who suggest that “because women fear that others will not perceive them as valuable members of the organization, they will be less apt to support other women within the organization. Not advocating for female employees in terms of wages and job allocation may be a response to female managers’ perceived external appraisals.” In other words, women managers may be afraid to promote and advocate for women because they feel their reputations are on the line and they don’t want to risk a negative judgment."
Other possible explanations: women aren't really being discriminated against, woman bosses see other women as competition

Why Don't More Women Want to Work With Other Women? - "Pew asked 2,002 people if they would prefer to work with men or women. Most—78 percent of men and 76 percent of women—said they didn't care. But for the 22 percent who did have a preference, "it’s men who get the nod from both sexes by about a 2-1 margin," Pew's Rich Morin writes. In fact, more women said they'd rather work with men than men did... Far more Millennial women than men (59 percent versus 19 percent) said being a working parent makes it hard to advance in a job, and fewer Millennial women said they aspired to become managers.The results are similar in other surveys on who Americans would prefer to work for, rather than with... female respondents told one British pollster that male bosses are "more straight-talking" and "less prone to moods." Social scientists who have been poking at this can of worms for decades have found that women sometimes exclude other women from opportunities in order to gain a competitive edge. Women tend to mainly only bully other women in the workplace, while men are equal-opportunity harassers."
If women are more sexist than men, one response is just to blame "patriarchy"

Why Women Bully Each Other at Work - "Some of the male partners could be curt, she said, but others were nice. Almost all of the female partners, on the other hand, were very tough... A 2009 study published in the journal Gender in Management found, for example, that although women believe other women make good managers, “the female workers did not actually want to work for them.” The longer a woman had been in the workforce, the less likely she was to want a female boss. In 2011, Kim Elsesser, a lecturer at UCLA, analyzed responses from more than 60,000 people and found that women—even those who were managers themselves—were more likely to want a male boss than a female one. The participants explained that female bosses are “emotional,” “catty,” or “bitchy.” (Men preferred male bosses too, but by a smaller margin than the female participants did.)... women who reported to a female boss had more symptoms of distress, such as trouble sleeping and headaches, than those who worked for a man... Her research suggests that women and girls are less willing than men and boys to cooperate with lower-status individuals of the same gender; more likely to dissolve same-gender friendships; and more willing to socially exclude one another. She points to a similar pattern in apes... Even when workplace bullying becomes severe, employment lawyers told me, women are less likely to sue for gender discrimination if their tormentor is another woman, since people tend to assume that women look out for one another. (One lawyer said that this is why companies often appoint members of “protected classes,” such as minorities and women, to human-resources roles. Having someone from one of these groups handle a firing can make it harder to sue for wrongful termination.)... Nurses might have a better solution. Their profession is rife with female bullying, but a group of nurses has floated an idea in which hospitals would have financial incentives to eliminate staff infighting
Given the literature on female aggression...
Given that it's always said that you need more women in high places to help other women, it's not surprising that these women would be seen as biased
If even a female-dominated occupation such as nursing has these problems, it is curious that male-dominated environments and tokenism are blamed for bullying

High-ranked women less generous than men when sharing a reward with their collaborators - ""From early in childhood, girls form relationships with same-sex peers of equal status more than boys do, whereas boys are more willing to cooperate with same-sex peers of differing status levels."... The participants were told they were the leader of the group and had to allocate the rewards they earned to their partners. In all of the experiments, the participants’ partners were of the same sex."
This suggests that the claim that women are only mean to other women in male-dominated environments is wrong

Incivility at Work: Is 'Queen Bee Syndrome' Getting Worse? - ""Across the three studies, we found consistent evidence that women reported higher levels of incivility from other women than their male counterparts," Gabriel said. "In other words, women are ruder to each other than they are to men, or than men are to women... women who defied gender norms by being more assertive and dominant at work were more likely to be targeted by their female counterparts"
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