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Saturday, July 07, 2018

Links - 7th July 2018 (2)

'Campuses have become these padded rooms where people can't exchange ideas anymore' - "In 2015, Arriola founded a Men's Issues Awareness Society and applied for official club status. The Ryerson Students' Union (RSU) denied his application. The RSU also denied Arriola's appeal."

I got kicked out of diversity training - "It’s not a good sign when you discover that everybody in a diversity workshop thinks the same way... I joined this workshop in hopes that it would be a place to ask some tough questions and get insightful answers. I figured out some advocacy techniques — no thanks to the African-American workshop leader on that score — and also got a quick view of how feminist advocates are their own worst enemies. Things went south even before the workshop actually started, setting a poisonous tone. As the group got organized online, one member shared a screen grab from her Facebook feed, in which a stream of self-appointed diversity advocates pounced on a young woman who had shared her happiness about graduating from medical school... to the diversity Puritans, she had no right to celebrate what they labeled an ill-gotten accomplishment achieved in no small part by her white skin. Their glee in condemning her was exceeded only by their mutual congratulations for being so brave to bully her. Inevitably, the entire mess went viral, sparking an opportunity for most of the workshop participants to pile on. And the workshop leader was the worst of all, egging on members of the forming group to charge “privilege” toward every accomplishment of every white woman. She was bullying and encouraging bullying... It turned out that this expert’s credentials existed only in her imagination (though she constantly cited her experience as a licensed mental health worker in Nebraska. (Side note to corporate America: You’re going to be besieged by erstwhile diversity and sexual harassment consultants of all races. Please vet them before hiring them.) She told us that no woman of color could ever trust any white woman. She told us that every white woman owed every woman of color reparations — and then asked for donations through PayPal. (And yes, some women in the group were quickly guilt-tripped into donating money.) Every question from a group member was denigrated as an avoidance tactic"
Perhaps this is another example of over compensating - those who claim they are so kind (towards "minorities", aka virtue signalling) are so vicious and hateful towards those who do not agree with them. See also anti-gay figures caught doing gay things in public toilets, Democrats having more tax irregularities, liberals being more racist (in sacrificing white people) etc.

Feminism Made Katy Perry Irrelevant And Taylor Swift Win - "Many things can be blamed for the demise of Perry’s career but none more so than third wave feminism, a cancer she brought on herself. Perry had a meteoric rise in the pop world, releasing nine number-one singles in just five years from 2008 to 2013, and then Katy met feminism. The singer started her downward spiral quickly after announcing to the world “maybe I’m a feminist after all” in a 2014 Time interview."

Why Feminists Hate Male Sexuality - "One of the key underlying tenets of feminism is disdain for male sexuality and its inability to dance the tune of the “modern, empowered woman” (AKA careerist hag) that he “should” be attracted to"

Watch this dancing Pikachu get dragged mercilessly offstage for deflating mid-performance

There's a magical Japanese candy that reveals new scenes as you eat it - "Candy maker Nagatoya has thus created 'Fly Me to the Moon'—a block of sweet jelly that displays a new scene after each slice."

Teaching Men to Be Emotionally Honest - The New York Times - "Research shows what early childhood teachers have always known: that from infancy through age 4 or 5, boys are more emotive than girls. One study out of Harvard Medical School and Boston Children’s Hospital in 1999 found that 6-month-old boys were more likely to show “facial expressions of anger, to fuss, to gesture to be picked up” and “tended to cry more than girls.” “Boys were also more socially oriented than girls,” the report said — more likely to look at their mother and “display facial expressions of joy.” This plays out in the work of Niobe Way, a professor of applied psychology at New York University. After 20-plus years of research, Dr. Way concludes that many boys, especially early and middle adolescents, develop deep, meaningful friendships, easily rivaling girls in their emotional honesty and intimacy. But we socialize this vulnerability out of them... Some universities offer counseling services for men of color and gay men, and some sponsor clubs through which male members explore the crisis of sexual violence against women. Only a precious few — the University of Massachusetts and Simon Fraser University among them — offer ways for all men to explore their shared struggles. And these don’t exist without pushback. Talk of empowering men emotionally yields eye rolling at best, furious protest at worst — as when the Simon Fraser center was proposed, in 2012, and men and women alike challenged the need for a “safe space” for members of the dominant culture.

Meet the Makech, the Bedazzled Beetles Worn as Living Jewelry

Amazing ad from Japan stars 72 actresses each showing one year of a woman’s life in one second

How vulture capitalists ate Toys 'R' Us - "The trio put up $6.6 billion to pay off Toys 'R' Us' shareholders. But it was a leveraged buyout: Only 20 percent came out out of the buyers' pockets... Bain, KKR, and Vornado will have to write off their investment, of course. But they did suck around $200 million in fees out of Toys 'R' Us over the course of their ownership. Basically, the trio took an imperfect-but-functioning company and cannibalized it for cash."
According to The Week, "vulture capitalists" are so evil that they will burn $1.12 billion (before accounting for the time value of money) of their own money just to ruin a company

YouTube Comedian Convicted of Hate Crime for Making Dumb Video of a Dog Saluting Hitler - "Count Dankula, whose real name is Mark Meechan, was released on bail earlier today and will be sentenced next month"
Meanwhile, grooming gangs... He should've had a wife who couldn't speak English and abused a 11 year old girl

Nazi Germany pursued 'Hitler salute' Finnish dog - "A Finnish dog which gave Nazi salutes so annoyed Germany's World War II government that it launched a campaign against its owner... Mr Borg was interrogated by the Germans on suspicion of insulting Hitler.Attempts were also made to sabotage his business"
If you're anti-Nazi you do the same things as real Nazis

Some Pundits Say There's No Campus Free Speech 'Crisis.' Here's Why They're Wrong. - "In 1976, 73 percent of people between the ages of 18 and 34 thought a racist should be allowed to make a speech in public, according to the GSS. By 2015, that percentage had fallen to 56 percent. Young people went from being the age group most tolerant of racist speech to the age group least tolerant. On the question of "should a racist book be removed from the public library," the findings were similar: Youth support for censoring such a book increased from 25 percent to 39 percent... Hartman cites the YouGov survey as evidence that "the vast majority of students, including conservatives, feel relatively uninhibited in expressing their views." But 58 percent of students, according to the survey, say they want to be part of a campus where they wouldn't be exposed to "intolerant and offensive ideas." Another 48 percent think the First Amendment should not protect hate speech. And cutting against the GSS's findings, a massive 2017 survey conducted by the Cato Institute found evidence that students' attitudes toward free speech might actually be more illiberal than other Americans'... Students think gay people, communists, and atheists should be permitted to speak in public because they don't consider these people's views to be hateful, offensive, or intolerant. At the same time, some students think speech that denigrates racial minorities, gay people, women, the trans community, and Muslims is not just unacceptable, but equivalent to violence. The survey that best captured this result was undertaken by McLaughlin & Associates and published in New Criterion in November of 2015: 50 percent of people between the ages of 17 and 30 said a university should ban the publication of a political cartoon that criticized a particular religion or ethnicity. When I talk to students who are protesting speakers they find offensive, they generally tell me that they support the First Amendment and don't want the government to arrest or punish people for engaging in free speech. They also tell me some combination of the following: Hate speech isn't free speech; if marginalized people feel threatened by the speech, the speech is actually violence; neither campus authorities nor mobs of angry students are forms of government force, and thus it's not illegal or unethical when these entities shut down offensive speech... what matters is whether their power to enforce their desire for censorship is increasing... 2016 saw twice as many would-be campus speakers being disinvited as 2015, according to FIRE. And in 2017, a record-breaking 900 students and faculty asked FIRE to help defend their free expression rights. Greg Lukianoff, the president of FIRE, has said that "the biggest and most noticeable change in campus censorship in recent years has been the shift in student attitudes." While students were previously the campus faction most supportive of free speech, it has become increasingly common over the last few years that the radical students are themselves the censors... The Office for Civil Rights defined "sexual harassment" very broadly, extending it to cover sexually suggestive expression that is clearly protected under the First Amendment and in some cases may even belong in the classroom. No judicial body has signed off on these interpretations. Even Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, a feminist icon, thinks they violate certain fundamental rights."

Pourquoi les français ont-ils la réputation d'être sales ? - "De nos jours, un français consomme 580 g de savon par an, ce qui peut sembler honorable mais qui est en réalité 2 fois moins qu’un anglais ou qu’un allemand. De plus seuls 2 français sur 3 prennent une douche ou un bain tous les jours. 3,5% ne le font qu’une fois par semaine, alors que les plus propres se douchent plusieurs fois par jour à hateur de 11,5%... les Français étaient les Européens les plus préoccupés par leur hygiène. A cette occasion 97% des Françaises indiquaient être mal à l’aise lorsqu’elles sortaient sans se laver les mains ou les dents, contre 84% des Allemandes, par exemple... Peut-être est-ce simplement dû à l’utilisation moins large dans notre pays du déodorant. Seuls 65% des Français en mettent tous les jours, contre 83% des Américains. Mais on pourrait rétorquer qu’il y a bien pire que nous. En Chine c’est seulement 31%."

Police Uncover Antifa-linked Hoard of Chemicals, High-Explosives, Mobile Bomb Factory in Germany - "The authorities have uncovered an Antifa-linked hoard of chemicals, high-explosives, and a mobile bomb factory in Thuringia, Germany, according to local media. There is some suggestion that the haul, which is suspected to be linked to alt-left extremism, has been played down for political reasons, Welt Am Sonntag reports. Bodo Ramelow, Thuringia’s Minister-President and a member of Die Linke (The Left Party), gave one of the two individuals accused of being linked to the materials a democracy award for their commitment to taking on ‘Neo-Nazis’... “The days-long, almost booming silence of the entire state government is more than strange.” “We have a lot to do with extreme right-wing violence in Thuringia, but the escalation of left-wing violence at the G20 summit in Hamburg has shown that there is also a dangerous potential on this side of the spectrum,” admitted Thuringian Minister of the Interior Georg Maier. Left Party parliamentarian Katharina König-Preuss, whose “anti-fascist” credentials are displayed prominently on her Twitter account, has been particularly damaged by the case, as she knows one of the accused personally."
Of course people will still praise Antifa for being heroic freedom fighters battling the "Far right"

Alt-Left Extremists Post Police Photos Online, Threats, In Revenge For Police Action Against Them - "The German Police Union denounced the left-extremists labelling them “left-wing extremist terrorists”... Investigators have claimed that far-left extremists committed just over 2,000 crimes during the G20 summit including acts of violence, vandalism, arson, and looting. While Antifa extremists have attacked police repeatedly in cities like Berlin in the past, the scale of the G20 riots caused a shift in public opinion on left-wing extremist activity."

Police: Alt-Left Extremists Committed over 2,000 Crimes at G20 'Welcome to Hell' Clashes - "Editor in chief of Die Welt Ulf Poschardt compared the black-clad Antifa rioters to Italian dictator Benito Mussolini’s blackshirts saying: “Their black costume reveals that their aesthetic is inspired by Mussolini’s black shirts. They act like fascists.” Last week, authorities shut down the largest far-left website Indymedia.linksunten which brought protest from left-wing supporters over ideas of free speech. Many pointed out the site had been used to not only plan and call for violence but also had instructions on how to make Molotov cocktails and had published addresses and other personal information of right-wing politicians and activists with the intent of seeing them harmed."

Britain’s flawed definition of extremism is storing up trouble | Coffee House - "Ahmed Hassan was convicted at the Old Bailey of placing a bomb on a packed rush-hour train last September. The device left at Parsons Green, London, failed to detonate. But various interesting details emerged at his trial. One was confirmation that Hassan should never have been in the UK in the first place. He had travelled to Calais illegally and there spent time in the illegal ‘Jungle’ camp – that place whose occupants Lily Allen and Juliet Stevenson forever tell us we must take in if we are not to be deemed bigots. In fact, Hassan perfectly fitted the Allen-Stevenson invitee list. Not least because, being under 18 at the time, he would have been the perfect candidate for their spare bedrooms. In any case, Hassan was instructed at Calais – perhaps by the open-border NGOs which operate there – how to nix the British immigration system. And so he arrived in the UK illegally in the back of a lorry... The British state currently has to find a reason to explain why saying ‘Allah is gay’ is a fundamental assault on British values, but admitting to being a trained member of Isis is not. It has to explain why approaching the borders legally can lead to expulsion but breaking into the country illegally cannot... one must draw a moral equivalence between Muslims who blow things up and non-Muslims who do not, but have mean views. And an equivalence between Muslims who call for murder and non-Muslims who do not. Officials (retired and serving) at the borders, in the police force or in Parliament, who think that this will prove a formula for societal security and harmony can have no idea of the trouble they are storing up for some later date."
It seems ex-ISIS fighters are more welcome in the UK than those promoting gay-friendly Islam

MSNBC Rips 'Bitter' Biden for Threatening Trump; Rejects 2020 Run: ‘Dude, It’s Over’ - "Viewers may have temporarily forgotten they were watching MSNBC Thursday afternoon when 1:00 p.m. ET hour anchor Craig Melvin and his political panel hammered former Vice President Joe Biden for threatening President Trump with physical violence"
Somehow it's "bullying" when Trump responds to threats

Form Two girl admits to having many sex partners - "Police arrested 13 youths, between the ages of 13 and 21, for having “consensual” sex with a Form Two student over the past one year... police arrested 11 schoolboys aged between 13 and 16 from three schools and another two suspects aged 21. Kamaluddin said the suspects will be investigated for rape and committing carnal intercourse against the order of nature... Malacca Action Group for Parents in Education (Magpie) chairman Mak Chee Kin reminded boys that even with consent, sex with girls under 16 years old is statutory rape."
In Malaysia, if a 13 year old boy has sex with a 14 year old girl, he has raped her
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