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Sunday, July 01, 2018

Google Fails

I've been having a lot of problems with Google Products recently - certainly a lot more problems than I used to.

This is possibly linked to Googlers "feeling unsafe and unable to do our work". Or maybe because they spend time at work discussing "furries, polygamy, transgenderism, and plurality", or listening to talks by "a yellow-scaled wingless dragonkin".

Note: I have reported all of these bugs. As far as I know, some still persist months later


26 April: I tried the new Gmail and extremely long emails I had in my drafts folders got wiped truncated when I opened them in the new GMail (if there were warnings, they weren't very obvious - and anyway if you're going to delete user data you should be very sure to ask for clear confirmation).

27 April: (a) I can't retrieve Hotmail from Gmail using POP3, only Gmailify

(b) When I used Gmailify to manage my Hotmail from Gmail, thousands of my old emails dating back as far as 1998 got classified as spam and put in my Hotmail junk folder, and were almost deleted

14 July: When I search my mailbox, it erroneously tells me my keyword(s) appear(s) in messages it/they doesn't/don't

Late August: I was forcibly migrated go the new Gmail and extremely long emails I had in my drafts folders got truncated even when I didn't open them (upon opening some I discovered this had happened). Luckily after the disaster in April I had backed up the important drafts

Google Alerts

30 June: For weeks to months I have been getting irrelevant results. I have a search for ""the old republic" "star wars"" and almost every day I get irrelevant results where the keywords don't show up. I am going to delete this alert and replace it with a new alert and see if that solves the problem.

Google Calendar

27 April: (a) Google Calendar notify at event time hasn't worked on Android for ages (it notifies if I set it to 1 minute before the event or before, but not at the event time).

(b) When I edit the timing for a repeated event and apply the changes to all events (the "apply changes to this and future events" option is missing), the changes get applied to a preceding event in the series that has had its time changed (but not if other details of the event like title and details have been changed) (when I think about this again, this might be one expected behavior, but given that I can't only change this and future events I don't get a choice about what happens to past events)

19 June: Google Calendar now truncates the details of wordy events. Maybe they're trying to force everyone to use Google Docs.

Plus they're adding unnecessary crud to my URLs (which contributed to the truncation I experienced). The crud looks like a failed attempt at the URL-ification of plain text - failed not just because I don't want or need it, but because it is performed more than once (and forces Google redirects)

30 June: When I make changes on Google Calendar the popup with undo hovers at the bottom of the screen, blocking my view of my calendar

Google Docs:

5 May: When I paste a lot of text into a Google Docs document, the screen goes funky

Google Translate

30 June: Google Translate has issues translating "debuff" into Chinese from English (and autocomplete gives 'debuff' as part of one suggested term, but not 'debuffs'. It seems Google Translate thinks 'debuff' is a Chinese word, but not 'debuffs'
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