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Saturday, July 07, 2018

Feminists and Men

A: Someone who cares about men: "We need to do something about male suicide. Young men are killing themselves at an alarming rate."

Feminist: "Boo-hoo. Men had been powerful for centuries and centuries. Cry me a river."

Someone who cares about men: "Oh sh*t, what a perfectly logical rebuttal. Some powerful men in the past centuries utterly refutes the need to care about young men today. How silly of me. Thank you for educating me."

Feminist: "Yes, try mansplaining less next time and you would know."

Inspired by the Honourable MP Jess Phillips

B: Feminist: Men need to be able to express their emotions, otherwise you end up with toxic masculinity.

Man: Actually, I disag-

Feminist: Oh, look at all the MALE TEARS! Why don't you CRY some more, SNOWFLAKE! Fragile masculinity!

C: Also

Feminist: "We must do something about male suicides"

All her other comments: "Men are trash lmao. Male fragility. Male tears."

Of course, this won't stop feminists claiming that they care about men too and that feminism is the best way to tackle men's problems.


What's so funny about a men's rights debate?

"An extraordinary thing happened in the Houses of Parliament on Tuesday. A member of the seven-strong Backbench Business Committee burst out laughing at the suggestion that MPs should be allowed to debate a range of gender issues including domestic violence, suicide and premature mortality rates.

In an age when offending the sensibilities of anti-sexism campaigners can cause Nobel laureates to be sacked and drive astrophysicists with unfortunate dress sense to tears of redemption, it’s a miracle there hasn’t been another hysterical lynching in the court of public opinion.

At least it would be if it were a male politician caught on camera chortling at the suggestion that parliament should discuss issues like violence against women, breast cancer screening and eating disorders.

The reason the media hasn’t grabbed hold of SniggerGate yet, is that the sniggering MP is female and the gendered problems she appears to find funny are issues that disproportionately affect men and boys.

On the day that Jess Phillips MP sniggered at the suggestion that men’s issues should be discussed in Parliament on International Men’s Day, another 13 men died from suicide...

On the day the Labour member for Birmingham Yardley clapped her hands over her mouth to stop herself guffawing at Philip Davies MP’s request for a debate on men’s issues, more than 200 men died of cancer.

As a nation we spend more time, money and energy trying to prevent, detect and cure female cancers in the UK – and yet men are 58pc more likely to die of cancer before the age of 65 than women.

I don’t think that’s hilarious. Not for the men who die before their time and not for the loved ones they leave behind. Men of all classes have a lower life expectancy than women of the same background. It’s a men’s issue and like all men’s issues, we can’t solve it if we don’t discuss it.

On the day that the former manager of a charity supporting victims of domestic violence snorted at the idea that men’s issues are worthy of debate, more than 2,000 men and boys were victims of a violent crime...

We’re not so concerned about addressing these issues because we’re collectively more tolerant of the harm that happens to men and boys.

This tolerance is held in place by the underlying threat that anyone who tries to highlight these issues will be met with derision and ridicule.

I’ve been promoting the celebration of International Men’s Day in the UK since 2010 and each year at least one high profile woman will use it as an opportunity to denigrate men. In 2013, for example, it was the blogger/journalist Fleet Street Fox, who wrote that men should take a break from raping for the day."
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