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Friday, September 30, 2011

Observations - 30th September 2011

"Ah, this is obviously some strange usage of the word 'safe' that I wasn't previously aware of." - Douglas Adams


Perhaps the prevalence of curses insulting mothers but not those for fathers is due to paternity uncertainty!

I and Lynn Chan would like a video montage of our lives to be played at our... funeral

If BC/AD are offensive so is CE/BCE. Muslims, Jews, Japanese, Thais and Taiwanese have their own calendars

A 5 year old girl was in the toilet with her father. Enjoy it while it lasts, kid. You'll be queuing with the ladies soon!

If it's immoral to break your scholarship bond, why not your handphone contract?

One should vote holistically. If I had to agree with everything a party/candidate said I'd spoil my vote.

I told some civil servants my friend was going in to "change the system". We all had the same reaction.

I was wondering how hard it was to get dangerous mentally ill people locked up. All I need is "a psychiatrist and Form 1 of the First Schedule of the Mental Health (Care and Treatment) Bill 2008", but I'm guessing the psychiatrist will be expensive.

Amused that Woodgrove Secondary has dark blue sailor suit uniforms - but only for their lower secondary girls

It's very appropriate that New Creation Church is beside a Casino (in MBS)

The anger, hate and overreaction you get from Singaporean netizens seems to have a parallel in that of PRC netizens, and both probably stem from a common cause: emasculation and a sense of helplessness which results in people obsessing over trivialities and lashing out at anyone for anything. Once again, Singaporeans are more like PRCs than they'd like to think.

overheard on the trains in the past: 你再坏蛋我叫警察来抓你!('If you continue to be naughty, I'll call the police to get you!')
now: 你再坏蛋等下人家把你拍照放上网!" ('If you continue to be naughty, someone will take your picture and put it on the Internet!')

"I love when one bullshit belief criticises another bullshit belief of being full of shit"

RT @edchng "in dating, just as in poker or the stock markets, the key to success is to be completely unemotional"

RT @joeljoshuagoh If you need the fucking ISD to protect the integrity of your religion, then the doubts casted on your faith must really be quite valid.
RT: @rompping: If your god can be threatened by one dude with a twitter account he needs to check whether he's really a god or not.

[Someone on Qantas] "The "Australian spirit" seems to be synonymous with laziness, unreasonableness and bad manners :P"

"history shows that when a group of humans truly believe they alone are "right", then what they end up doing is very wrong."

RT @lucian We need to pay top dollar to retain talented hawkers provide us great value for money food.

"i once went for a "free slimming treatment for appreciation for participation in a survey" thingy, n end up signing a 4k slimming pkg! Through hard sell and gangster style. i was nt allowed to leave n i was surrounded by 4 in a small room n sitting while they were all standing around me intimidatingly. i went to CASE bt oni gt bek 2.5k. the rest they pay bek in kind..slimming cookies supposedly worth 1.5k! i agreed cos i gt tired of it all. the company is Slimfit.

like 10 years back.. i think that time no fb yet.. or i was still a tech idiot then.. Very scary these places..i have a mani/pedi pkg with jean yip..they make me sign a new pkg even wen d existing one is oni 3/4 of the way used.. quite hard to be all assertive and firm when u r sitting there alone surrounded by them or lying vulnerably naked on the bed! haha!
if you go to one, do not bring any credit cards n make sure ur atm card inside got only $100! say you are a poor student from china! haha!"
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