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Monday, September 26, 2011

Seen: "Buddhist Mysterious Liquid"

"If mankind minus one were of one opinion, then mankind is no more justified in silencing the one than the one - if he had the power - would be justified in silencing mankind." - John Stuart Mill


I was walking around Bukit Purmei and encountered a very interesting product.

The shopkeeper asked me why I was taking a picture of it, so I told him I was going to send the picture to my friends in case they wanted to buy it:

(for some reason I forgot to add this photo I took until Christmas)

"Zhu Ge Kong Ming Sdn Bhd

1. Change of luck: When someone feels that luck is not on his side, such as failure to strike a lottery, no payment received after completing a project, reprimands from his boss despite having done a good job, wallet being pickpocketted or lost of ATM cards and etc. To dispel the bad luck, all he needs to do is merely add some "Buddhist Mysterious Liquid" into clean water and wash from head toe.

2. Interpersonal relationship: Frequent use of the Liquid will enhance your relationship with other people because the mysterious Liquid has an effect of stimulating your mental power. The refreshing and natural fragrance of the Liquid will make you feel energised and joyful so that your relationship with colleagues and friends will be given a major boost. This also will invariably enhance your business prospect.

3. Washing a new car: A newly bought car will usually goes through a flower bath ritual for smooth operation. And now, you can use this "Buddhist Mysterious Liquid" to bring about the same kind of effect. Pour a bottle of Liquid into a pail and mix with clean water, then wipe the body of the car all over with it for safe journey.

4. Washing hands/face: The "Buddhist Mysterious Liquid" can also be used for washing your face and hands, especially when you feel that you are out of luck. Using the liquid to wash your face and hands has the effect of changing your fate, and you are bound to feel especially calm and spirited after using it.

5. It is advisable to use the Liquid together with the "Buddhist Purifying Oil" for enhanced effect so that your wishes will come true.

Beware of Imitations"

This product can be purchased at a shop on the ground floor of Block 109 Bukit Purmei Road, Singapore 090109 (map and directions) for only S$2.50 per bottle (maybe I should've gotten one myself...)

The website is: << Zhu Ge Kong Ming Online >>, which has more information on the "Buddhist Mysterious Liquid":

"The Buddhist Mysterious Liquid is yet another wonderful product painstakingly formulated by Master Miao Da after Zhu Ge Kong Ming's Buddhist Purifying Oil. It has the capability to help assemble wealth and heavenly protection. It is extracted from seven kinds of rare and precious flowers as well as citron, and is blended successfully with Master Miao Da's sacred power.

As the liquid is made of seven kinds of rare and precious flowers as well as citron, it has a captivating natural aroma. When you are taking a bath, you need only to pour a bottle of liquid into the bath tub, wash your entire body from head to toe, and you are set to experience the marvelous effect of good luck."

And this is only one of the products in the product family, as:

"Zhu Ge Kong Ming Sdn Bhd understands the worried feeling of those who has little luck on them. So, within this two, three years, Metaphysicist Miao Da had studied meticulously to innovate 3 sets of offering items for altering luck. These items are "Buddhist Mysterious Liquid", "Repayment Incense Paper" and "Treasure Vault of Civil and Warrior Gods of Wealth". They were launched to the market on three different stages and are well received by mass consumers.

Now, in order to solve the worries of people with little luck once and for all, and by popular demand, Zhu Ge Kong Ming Sdn Bhd specially packed the 3 items into a set series for convenient sake.

In another word, you need only to buy a prepacked set series to possess 2 Buddhist Mysterious Liquid, 2 boxes of Repayment Incense Paper and 1 packet of Treasure Vault of Civil and Warrior Gods of Wealth. This set series is also known as "3 in 1 Method of Altering Luck". "

Of course, with such a popular product one needs to beware of Imitations:

"This is the magazine printed by impudent Lin-Qian-Bo and Hua-Xin-Hang concerning pirated Huan-Zhai-Jun. They are thieves and yet they turn thing the other way round arguing that theirs is the genuine one. They are low, dirty and mean. They are even fiercer than a wolfhound"

"Impudent company; The impudent Lin-Qian-Bo and Hua-Xin-Hang have no escape for their wrong doing.; PIRATED PRODUCT"

"The pirated businessman who is more impudent than a rapist
This act of the lowest mean shows that he is more impudent than a thief who had raped a woman but still impudently shouting that she is his wife...

May be Lin-Quan-Bo thought that he pirated the product to sell in Hong Kong without the notice of Malaysia people. But one thing he forgot is, Master Miao Da is not only well known in Malaysia but all over the world. Master Miao Da has many followers around the world and besides, with such advanced communication system, there is nothing you can hide."
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