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Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Conversations - 20th April 2011

"Laugh and the world laughs with you, snore and you sleep alone." - Anthony Burgess


@thechineseninja (at the time): I swear off women this year

Me: if you get to the end of the year without [women] dinner's on me :)

hee hee
I think I'm gonna win

(Note: I have already won this bet, after 3 months)

Someone: i'm working on my diversity statement for law school. is there a list of all the terrible things about singapore

Someone else: working from hm is awesome

Me: not working is even better

Someone: muslims think nonmuslims are dirty

in general but esp chinese in singapore

my parents wouldn't let me go over to my chinese neighbors' house

Someone else: women dont have our code of honor. have u seen how girls backstab their CLOSEST of friends!?

Me: and men don't meh?

Someone else: please, men don't backstab the way women do

Me: men have more focused backstabbing when it comes to sex men are capable of doing almost anything as I'm sure you know

Someone else: be rational a bit. a woman is never worth all that trouble.

for the same pleasure u can get from woman A who is attached to your buddy B, u can get with woman Z.

in short, women ARE dispensable. especially local women. materialistic, realistic, and stupid.

Me: hurr hurr in short despising women does not make them less likely to sleep with you


Someone else: *** got involved with ^^^, and I see him as a friend she played him, and took him to the cleaners.

Me: well you play women also what why is it ok when men play women but not vice versa

Someone else: its not ok when u pick someone who is emotionally weak and is not a player. then u ought to be crucified.

Me: so you don't prey on innocents lah

Someone else: i don't.

Me: very good. *pat pat* have a biscuit

Someone else: .....

MFTTW: i think places that sg pp rave about are very overrated
and they RAVE leh

and this fucking hungrygowhere is like
full of idiots who complain pasta is undercooked and scrambled eggs are "runny"

they are full of photos cos sg people are idiots wholike to throw money on expensive dslrs

and think just cos they can take a few macro shots that they are the shit

(Repeated plug: Hungry say what?

"it was a bit too intense, with the aftertaste lasting almost till the second coming of Jesus.


Someone: I told myself I'll commit suicide by 35
if I'm still in this shithole

Me: when's your birthday?
I'll make a note in my google calendar to check back with you :)

Someone: Yes, please do

Me: anyway that's a loooooooong time lor

Someone: Yeah, I'm thinking of pushing forward the deadline
Maybe I should set the deadline at 25

If I'm desperate enough and if the offers I've gotten so far are still valid in a few years, maybe I'll just marry someone and be done with it

Me: voilà female mate choice

Someone: Okay tell you what
If I manage to get another country's citizenship before you do
and if circumstances allow (i.e. I'm single or I'm attached but my partner doesn't mind),
I'll marry you

That's a very BIG 'if', I know

Me: I think this is my first offer :)

PPBI: why fat girls with thighs three times the size of mine can find bf

Me: maybe they're more proactive

another of my research findings from okcupid:
- fat/ugly/old women are more likely to reply to messages, and more likely to be horny/kinky

PPBI: i ugly leh
dont u dare type sad

Me: happy


MFM: physicists are the most arrogant by far of all the scientists
I blame feynman

Me: it predates him

All science is either physics or stamp collecting

MFM: rutherford didn't ahve the same cultural impact that feynman did

there's a feynman cult
but I don't think there was a rutherford cult

TC: sorry im disagreable

Me: are you using english or french
cos it's wrong in both languages

Acidflask: [YFTTW] was just complaining to me about how most cream sauces are made from powdered milk mixed with oil

Me: so she says
I never noticed that supermarket 'cream' was not real cream

Acidflask: "i had to read the fugging labels on all the bottles at cold storage
out of 10 "krims"
ther ewas like TWO real krim
the rest is mewk + FETT
wtf loh"

Me: I buy my cream in a can
lasts longer

Acidflask: eewwwwwwwwww
ultra pasturized???

Me: simi
cannot meh

Acidflask: ewww
UHT dairy tastes weird

Me: you drink your milk from the cow?

oh right the fresh milk culture is stronger

Acidflask: yes

in fact at the local coop they have a rotating cow stall
you can milk it yourself

it's cheaper when it's self-serve

Me: I tried milking a cow when my age was single digits
nothing came out

Acidflask: that was before you knew how to please females

Me: -_-
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