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Friday, June 26, 2009

Me: A statistical inequality that dwarfs all alleged gender inequalities:

In the US, in 2000 only 6% of the Prison Population was female. Does this mean men are shockingly discriminated against by the justice system?

No, it's mainly because they commit more crimes (though discrimination does play a part too).

Someone: There is no reason for us to believe that men commit more crime. Men are simply targetted as criminals by CJS [Ed: the Criminal Justice System]. With increased surveillance leads to increased labelled criminals which leads to a tendency to re-committing crimes. (Labelling theory). It does not point simply to men committing more crime.

Me: Okay, if you think men do not commit more crime than women, then I assume you believe that the stereotype that women are physically weaker than men is also pernicious, false and sexist.

I think I'll stop commenting here.
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