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Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Man jailed for insulting SMS

"AN UNEMPLOYED man texted an SMS message, saying: 'Can I make love with u. I give u 200. Service very good not to worry u will be very SHIOK.'

The 29-year-old accounts executive who received it last October, did not know who sent it and replied: 'U r messing with d wrong person. U'll regret tis.'

Rather than heed her warning, Lee Wei Loon, 26, sent another insulting SMS, asking her: 'How big is ur cup?'

Lee was jailed two weeks on Monday after he admitted to insulting the modesty of the 29-year-old victim, whom he did not know.

His first SMS to her was 'Hi how r u', to which she replied 'Who is tat.' He then texted: 'Got any job,' followed by 'Jus want to know u.'

She told him off: 'No time n not interested in coward like u who dun even dare 2 tell who d hell u r.' The insulting SMS messages then followed."

If sending an obscene SMS to a woman gets you two weeks in jail, will staring lewdly at her get you a day?
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