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Friday, October 19, 2007

u r wt u wr:

- 'My mate fancies you' (I'm not sure that, outside of male fantasies, there is a non-negligible number of women who want to hook their mate up with other women)
- '50% single'
- '*picture of tiger* I'm gonna get you'
- 'Our feeling will show together before long'
- 'Turn me on' (a 40+ year old woman was wearing this)
- 'I am what I wear' (SEE?!?!)
- 'Will work for sex'
- 'You can be my other boyfriend'
- 'This guy beside me is my brother'

- 'I don't make mistakes. I date them' (Contributed)
- 'Little Miss Slut' (Contributed: 'it's in [New Urban Male's] display window at vivo, that's where i saw it. i hope i never see it on a live torso')
- 'I know you want to ask my name' (Contributed)
- 'The flower smells like me' (Contributed: "at This Fashion")

- 'I'm only here because my server is down' (Guy's shirt)

I saw a girl with so much eyeshadow that it looked like her eyeballs had been gouged out, leaving the empty sockets.

Some non-elasticised blouses have a very irritating design. They have low necklines to show off necklaces and pendants (right), but this okay when the wearers are looking straight. Yet, when they look or bend down yawning gaps open.

I saw a girl wearing a shirt which said 'Chicks rule'. This is like the n-word rule. When a guy calls a girl a chick, he's objectifying her and seeing her as a sex object. When a girl calls another girl (or herself) a chick, it's a harmless, unproblematic expression.

It is interesting that the 'Little Miss' series represents, both semantically and pictorially, girls as pre-pubescents. Those who don these shirts, then, conceptualise their gestalts as pre-pubescent in nature.

This phenomenon does not only manifest itself in the Little Miss line. Precious Thots merchandise also uses this pre-pubescent imagery (it also manifests a conceptualisation of romantic love as puppy love, perhaps because they don't really love their boyfriends), and when girls draw cartoons of themselves it's always as pre-pubescent girls. Disgusting Chick ("Groovy Chick") takes this a baby step further, putting the girls in more mature clothes and occasionally giving them tiny breast buds, but still placing them firmly in the realm of the pre-pubescent (since these are Ang Moh girls being caricatured and not Singaporean Chinese girls).

I attribute this unconscious vocalising to a desire to be rid of their periods.
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