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Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Subject: We are here for you and your penis! Megadik makes it just mega-large!

Message: Have they ever told you this, "No way! Your penis is really tiny!"?
Didn't you feel stupid?
Don't let women prefer vibrator to you! Megadik will make you a real man !
You must believe in this excellent preparation!

"Oh! Your penis is impressive!" Isn't that what you dream to hear every day?
Soon you'll be the only one girls will desire ! Megadik is your real cure!

Hilarious specimen in my NUS spam folder (one of several variations on the same theme).

I don't get much spam in my Hotmail's junk folder nowadays, but that's because they filter so rigorously, a lot of mail doesn't get through (not even to Spam, where it belongs, instead of the Void)! Like my mail. And when I ask them to let it through they give me some complicated instructions to tell others to follow. Grr.
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