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Friday, November 01, 2002

Big post on Agagooga's part. Not that I mind, see, because I'm in camp, have nothing to do, am trying to avoid getting shot with "arrows" (this is an army term referring to the act of "delegating responsibility"), and have access to the internet PC in my office.

Agagooga hasn't mentioned it yet, so I thought it'd be a good idea to say that to "avoid breathing in the foul miasma", as he put it, I've been translating songs from Japanese to English as a distraction.

I can tell you, one doesn't appreciate how hard it is to translate songs from an Asian Language to English until you try it for yourself :) Although that still isn't an excuse for some of the really poor translations (In my opinion) found floating around out there on the internet. See here:
Geki! Teikoku Kagekidan

and here: Ai wa daiya


Another nice distraction is playing "Sakura Wars 3: Is Paris Burning?" I'm nearly through with it (after about 40 hours...) It's an excellent addition to the series - I like it a lot. One of the reasons why, i think, is because the battles are a lot shorter and less tedious compared to the first two games in the series - just enough to provide a pleasant change from the unfolding of the story through the series' "interactive book" approach, and yet not coming across as being a barrier to the story's progression, or character development (one of the main draws of the series). The game itself also highly refreshing because it features a whole new cast (with the exception of Oogami) - the Paris Kagekidan. My favourite character's Erica Fontaine. (Why do I tell you this? because once, a wise person said that "You can discern the personality of a person from his favourite character in a Sakura Taisen game". Well... maybe not.)

Although, admittedly, if I weren't looking up every single word / phrase I didn't understand and writing it all down, it'd be a much shorter game (i'd estimate around 20 hours or so).

I've made plans for distractions after completing Sakura Taisen 3, too - going to try to make a webpage to put up my translations on. Tentatively going to try to make it run a CGI script so people can post comments and stuff on the translations themselves. Coranto seems to be a good candidate.

Gotta keep finding distractions for myself, or I think I'll go insane in the army.
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