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Wednesday, October 30, 2002

Manga and Anime haters speak:

you know, there was a time when i didn't know manga and hentai were different.

--- Sister of the one formerly with orange hair

fanfic allows one to exercise omnipotence, to explore ertain aspects of the given story which the author hasn't. that said, i don't particularly admire fanfic or manga. but there're too many fans around for me to voice that without suffering bodily harm!

--- The one with the oh-so-slight accent

there was a time when i didn't know what manga -or- hentai was. i look back at it nostalgically.

--- The one with brown hair

really? the ones around me tend to accept the fact that i won't be converted to seeing odd people with oversized eyes and indeterminate sex do suggestive things with one another on tree pulp. on hte other hand, maybe it's my method of going "oh. that's a boy?"

--- The one with brown hair

Cool product from Mike's List:

A 'Stunning' Cell Phone

Controversy rages over whether cell phones are dangerous. But If you're worried about radiation-induced brain damage from your cell phone, don't buy this product. It's a $99 stun gun that looks like a cell phone. That's right. The antenna and a metal knob on the top deliver 180,000 volts of debilitating electricity to attackers. When muggers ignore your requests that they don't steal your wallet: Zzzzzzaaaaap! "Can you hear me now?" A button on the keypad activates a panic alarm. I'd like to see a remote control -- in case someone steals the "cell phone" itself!

Help Bucky eat steaks - this uses real video, not animation.

I haven't been checking my guestbook, because I thought they'd email me when I got new entries. Apparently you have to pay for that now.

Seen there:

"Great Site You Have Here, My Hats Off To The Person That Wrote How Women Waste Time This Isw Sooo True! See You On The Net!"

"i think u n gabriel suck!!!! u ppl look like freaks and u diss mgs and scgs gurls! hav u got a probolem????u look soooo like freaks in the first place!!!!!!!!!!!"
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