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Wednesday, October 30, 2002

An emotion stirs in my breast.

Something touches my brow, ever so lightly, for the first time in a few weeks.

My brows furrow in consternation, and my heart constricts.

Yes, I feel sian again.

[Now, was that not as effective as poetry?]

It's nice to know that I'm hardly in the minority. Either that or all my friends are weird :)

And not a small relief too. Though it doesn't help end the malaise, not really :)

Discussion with others is making me more confused, but a tad less sian. Is that good? :)

I now have a plethora of comments, but am none the wiser for it. Time to meditate.


It seems everyone feels such at various points of time, and solutions to that seem to vary.

I am tempted to indulge myself and despair that I am deeper in the quicksand than the rest, but I shall not allow myself this luxury.

Some suggest distractions. And indeed, when I'm busy, I never inhale the foul miasma. Especially in camp, when my short term aim is to book out. But is immersion in short term distractions really a suitable solution?

As I was musing to Xephyris, it probably boils down to me having no direction in life, no aim, no purpose and no goals ; That my life is empty, and I feel adrift. And drifting from some friends too.

Now doesn't this sound familiar? It's a rarely seen but regular feature here, I think.
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