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Saturday, November 02, 2002


They're lowering the minimum age of marriage to 14 in Russia. Ooh - Chinese traditionalists and Muslim men rejoice!

Wednesday's forum:

"Socio-religious groups are notorious for being selective in what they take literally from their scriptures whenever it suits them.... It is time for all religions to scrutinise their doctrines and use common sense to recognise the spirit and the circumstance to which the 'laws' related to when they were scribed." Truly.

Rereading my past GP essays, I'm surprised at just how indulgent I was, and how irrelevant some paths I meandered down on were. And how much needless cynicism I injected (all for the sake of good, clean fun of course). Haha. And I've also been perusing old (and new) GP bulletins - some of the essays in them -are- indulgent at times too, but I think I took it a touch far. And some in this year's issues are actually rather limp, making me wonder how they made it into them. Jarring phrase seen in one essay: "Resplendant splendour". Grr.

There's this spastic radio ad that keeps playing on RCS stations nowadays. It is a dialogue between a Texan accented guy and someone with a REALLY strong Malay accent, about the former physically torturing the latter because he's eloping with his daughter to Singapore, and he's worried about her not being able to eat good Western food. So the Malay assures him that he'll 'take care of her' and bring her to Warner Ria Cafe at Causeway Point in Singapore where they serve "Western Food" like Buffalo wings, juicy steaks and baked potatos. Hope he doesn't make her wear a tudung!

Continuing in my "proud tradition", Julian got a day off for writing an essay about how "Who Moved My Cheese" is a waste of $19.90. And got a day off! Woo hoo! Haha.

There's this funny ad on Channel 8 for Way-Way detergent. At first, I saw loads of housewives clustered around a man and a washing machine, and a neon sign saying 'Sexist' lit up in my head. However, a few seconds later, a whole line of men appeared onscreen in white long sleeved shirts and black pants, doing a 'Las Vegas' (locked together shoulder to shoulder, while swinging their legs up in unison). Talk about post-modernism.

I got a mystery caller on my cellular line on Thursday night, but he refused to tell me who he was. And caller id didn't tell me his number too. Gah.


ouch. say no more. I think I just had my dose of exercise for the week (SMS on my partial listing of SOC obstacles)

He's a black horse (sheep) --- (Me)

[On Yaodong] Put his photo - SAFTI range. Pahm [Mimes shooting rifle]

There are a lot of bengalis who like to look like terrorists. I also don't know why.

That's just sick. You have a festering, diseased mind. (SMS on an, erm, suggestion of mine)
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