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Friday, June 07, 2019

Why liberals like contemporary pop culture (and Capitalism likes liberalism)

Alexander Anraí - Nuclear take but it’s correct

From Gnome, @bullionsaver on Twitter (who has since disappeared from Twitter, most probably due to Twitter censorship):

">'Star Wars' poster
>comic book outf‌its
>"The Bible is for simple-minded people unlike the important lessons I derive
from 20th century American capitalist mass market entertainment media."

The reason the modern left LITERALLY are dressing up like children is that theyve painted themselves into an intellectual corner; they can't embrace the Classics of western civ because theyre by evil "dead white men", so reduced to "Harry Potter" and "Star Wars" for metaphors.

And they can't embrace the classics of other civilizations because then they are "colonizers" and "appropriating".

So they are left with the shitty contemporary era of Western art but
even that's not OK since they have to make it "diverse" and so then its not even theirs.

*picture of 2 female protesters with signs: Kavanaugh is aggressive / Christine Blasey Ford is 100% believable and dressed as Wonder Woman*
An "inter-sectional" lefty could pic this picture apart about how Wonder Woman and Princess Leia are archetypes of the White female savior complex or something like that lol

So the cultural message of modern leftism for whites is that the only culture you're allowed to embrace is the contemporary corporate consumer culture as
it evolves, because anything from the past is evil and you're not allowed to appropriate other existing cultures.

This is why contemporary leftists will defend Nike's Chinese sweatshops so long as they have a WOKE black man mascot. Why they call Trump a Nazi for saying Amazon was prof‌iting off of gov't post off‌ice. Slap a rainbow f‌lag on a Wall St bank and they'll defend it.

Capital has embraced and co-opted cultural leftism. It did so to prevent any risk of genuine economic leftism. Its hard to sell communism to someone who's addicted to capitalist entertainment, alcohol, meds, games, fashion, etc - why would they ever want to be communist workers?

I'm old enough to remember Democrats being in favor of tariffs in order to help American factory worker union members. Contemporary leftists call this fascism and want their f‌ix of cheap Chinese garbage, the US factory worker is probably a knuckle-dragging cis-white male anyway."
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