"Malaysia Prime Minister Mahathir Mohamad and the Sultan of Johor are seen in a blue Proton Saga... "When asked whether there is any tension with the sultan, Dr Mahathir said: “No, I don’t see anything because I went to see him and he drove me to the airport. I don’t want to comment on the sultans because if I say anything that is not good then it’s not nice because he is the sultan”"

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Friday, June 07, 2019

Links - 7th June 2019 (1) (Sri Lanka Church Attacks)

Leftists Refer to Christians Killed in Sri Lanka as 'Easter Worshippers' - "There appears to be a certain “C-word” the left seems to have trouble saying. Yet, these same lefties have no trouble calling Muslims by the correct term when they’re on the receiving end of some terrorist dickery... Also, is it just me or does it seem like these lefties are tweeting from a script? It’s almost like the DNC sent out an email with guidelines for how to address the incident. “Refrain from saying ‘Christian.’ Stick with ‘Easter Worshippers and tourists.'” After all, we wouldn’t want people sympathizing with lovers of Big Jeezy, now would we?"

Maajid - (Mājid) [maːʤɪd] ماجد on Twitter - "Strange difference in tone between condemnations of a terrorist attacks on Muslims after New Zealand & against Christians after Sri Lanka. Note the absence of words “terrorism” & “Christianity”. This Muslim stands with persecuted Christians globally &all minorities everywhere"
How come Christchurch wasn't an attack against Friday worshippers and/or attacks on mosques?

The right-wing backlash to the phrase “Easter worshippers,” explained.
Amazingly, Slate readers are all bashing 'Republicans' for being racist. Maybe if they were more aware they'd be bashing them for being sexist too, since 'Republicans' condemned Hillary and Theresa May for their ambiguous words
Presumably since to Theresa May Sri Lanka was "violence against churches and hotels", Christchurch was violence against mosques

Why conservatives are so angry about Obama and Hillary’s use of “Easter worshippers” after the Sri Lanka attacks. - "Here is how the construction works in similar contexts:
• BBC: “Finsbury Park Attack: Roses for Ramadan Worshipers”
• The Guardian: “Afghanistan Suicide Bomber Kills Eid Worshippers at Mosque, Police Say”
• The Jewish Telegraphic Agency: “Homeless Couple Attacks Synagogue Worshippers in Buenos Aires”"
What this article doesn't tell you is that from before 20 April 2019, there're a grand total of 40 Google search results for "Eid Worshippers" and 30 for "Ramadan Worshippers" (including duplicates)

Imam Tawhidi - Posts - "Analysis: Sri Lanka church bombings stroke far-right anger in the West"
"After Islamic Extremist terrorists massacred 300+ Christians and injured hundreds more, the mainstream media is worried about “Right-wing anger.”"

Imam Tawhidi - Posts - "Sri Lanka's Defence Minister says initial investigations show the series of bombings targeting churches and luxury hotels on Easter Sunday were a response to the Christchurch mosque attacks in March.
How would he explain all the other atrocities pre Christchurch? Also, this would have been planned way before Christchurch."

Were Sri Lanka Bombings Retaliation for Christchurch? - "Ruwan Wijewardene, the state minister for defense, told Parliament today that the attack was retribution—not for Syria and blows against the caliphate, but for the mass murder of Muslims by a white-supremacist gunman in Christchurch, New Zealand, on March 15. He did not provide evidence for this claim, and there is reason to doubt it. The Easter terrorists did not refer to Christchurch at all—an omission that might strike some as strange... The Islamic State, in its form for the past five years, sought to attract followers with reinforcement both positive and negative. The positive reinforcement came from the promise of a terrestrial paradise in Mesopotamia, where one might bask in God’s favor. The negative came from unremitting abuse directed at Muslims who chose to live in the West; they were cast as the absolute scum of the earth. Those who resisted the call to immigrate to the caliphate, and remained in places such as Christchurch as taxpaying, loyal citizens of infidel lands, were selling their soul to the enemies of Islam and would burn for eternity while the caliphate’s elect few watched with delight from the gardens of paradise. The Islamic State would be mixing its messages if it were to claim that it attacked Sri Lanka to avenge the souls of those it considered worthy of hellfire anyway. The propaganda value of Christchurch for a group such as ISIS is, then, inestimable, yet difficult to exploit. One sometimes sees supporters of ISIS comment on attacks on Muslims in the West with a pitying shrug: You sold your souls to the infidel—and for this? (Notice the similarities between ISIS and radical separatists through the ages, including certain strains of the Nation of Islam.) Even if the retribution argument were consistent with prior ISIS doctrine, the timing suggests it’s not correct. The bombings in Sri Lanka were among the more spectacular in the history of terrorism, and they almost certainly took more planning than would have been possible in the past five weeks. (It may seem easy to get several guys to push detonator buttons all at once, in several different locations. But terrorists are often bumblers, and the more complicated the plan, the greater the chance of disruption.)"

Edward C. Yong - ‪ah, look at all the people all over the world... - "ah, look at all the people all over the world wearing crucifixes and singing Ave Marias in solidarity with the victims of the Sri Lanka Easter bombings. so touching.‬"

Josiah on Twitter - "How many of the “journalists” who demanded @MaximeBernier make a statement about Christchurch are demanding he condemn the attacks on Christians in #SriLanka?
Are they concerned about terror or just about using terrorism as a political weapon? #DefundCBC #FakeNews #PPC2019"

Maxime Bernier - Posts - "They’ve all been completely silent. No fancy analysis of wording in statements. And they won’t spend the coming weeks hysterically denouncing “Christianophobia” and warning about the Islamist threat. This massacre just doesn’t fit their narrative. Disgusting hypocrites."

Sri Lanka attacks: Hate preacher Zahran Hashim's videos 'did not violate' YouTube policies - "YouTube initially defended hosting messages from a hate preacher linked to the Sri Lanka attacks, saying it only found one which was in breach of its policies... Neil Potts, the public policy director at Facebook, Katy Minshall, the head of public policy in the UK at Twitter, and YouTube's director of public policy Marco Pancini were questioned by MPs earlier about the role their platforms had in spreading hate material."
This is a good excuse to get rid of "far right" content

Orwell & Goode on Twitter - "Mobs of Christian men in Sri Lanka have been threatening and beating Muslims, dozens of residents said. "They even beat my kids," said a Pakistani refugee who has lived in Sri Lanks for 2 years.
"You mean "Easter-Worshippers""

Christchurch, Sri Lanka: hierarchy of victimhood - "In disturbing contrast to the aftermath of the mosque massacres in Christchurch last month, the response to the horrors in Sri Lanka has been muted, cagey, sheepish even.The Christchurch atrocity provoked an angry and distinctly political response. We must stand as a human family against this vile Islamophobia, world leaders and commentators insisted.The Sri Lanka atrocity has generated no such sense of global resolve... US congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, the Twittersphere’s favourite socialist, tweeted about the Christchurch mas­sacre 14 times; she tweeted about the Sri Lanka atrocity not once... Hillary Clinton also used the term “Easter worshippers”. European Commission president Jean Claude-Juncker talked about people “who had gathered to worship peacefully”. French President Emmanuel Macron didn’t say Christian either.This warped avoidance of describing the victims, of using the religious name that led to their being targeted in the first place, was matched by a reluctance to name the ideology of the attackers.After Christchurch, Obama said we must stand against “hatred”. Clinton went further. “My heart breaks” for the “global Muslim community” which has been attacked by “white supremacist terrorists”, she said... as The Jerusalem Post points out, one of the imams suspected of inspiring the Sri Lanka slaughter — Zahran Hashim — has a “history of racism and Islamic superiority”... Across the Western Left, the tone after Sri Lanka was markedly different to the tone after Christchurch.Following that racist slaughter of 50 Muslims at prayer, leftists talked about the return of fascism, the scourge of white supremacy, the need to resist far-right hatred.After Sri Lanka there has been none of that. Is it not fascism when Islamist extremists slaughter civilians? Is it not hateful supremacy to believe that people of a different religion to yours deserve to be massacred? Is it not far-right to hold the kinds of views that Islamic State-linked groups hold — that women are inferior to men, gay people deserve to be executed, non-believers must occasionally be mown down?The Left seems to believe only white men can be fascistic. Which is in itself a kind of racism. As if non-white people are too childish to be truly evil. As if they lack the capacity for wickedness that white people enjoy.Here’s the perverse thing in all of this: in terms of loss of human life, the Sri Lanka attacks were five times as awful as the Christchurch massacre. And yet they elicited far less fury, and gave rise to far less moral resolve, than Christchurch did... What we are witnessing is the internationalisation of the politics of identity... perhaps the worst thing the politics of identity has done is create a hierarchy of victimhood.It categorises people as oppressed or privileged. You’re either a victim, and therefore deserving of sympathy and social support, or you’re a member of “the privileged”, and therefore deserving of ridicule and censorship.And in this hierarchy, Muslims are oppressed and Christians are privileged... Muslims good, Christians bad. Black people good, white people bad. Trans people good, cis people bad.This is why a cartoon mocking Mohammed will be raged against by the censorious identitarian lobby while a crucifix in a bottle of piss will be celebrated as wonderful art."
The same people who complain that Notre Dame gets people in the West more excited than Christchurch and/or Sri Lanka are silent about Sri Lanka vs Christchurch since it doesn't fit their anti-Western agenda

The Hypocrisy of Waleed Aly - Ex Muslim Atheist - Harris Sultan - "Waleed Aly is Australia’s favourite Muslim, an academic and a proud Islam apologist. He is the darling of the left-wing media and hosts a program... In the wake of every Islamic terrorist act, Waleed always mentions Muslims being victimised by non-Muslims albeit cleverly never endorses it but doesn’t do the same when terrorists are non-Muslims, especially when the victims are Muslims... he said the Sri Lankan terrorist attacks didn’t make any sense as the Sri Lankan Muslims have been victimised by the Sinhalese Buddhists, not by the Sri Lankan Christians. Therefore, it doesn’t make sense. No Waleed, it makes perfect sense. You have basically proven our point that Islamic terrorism is not just retaliation of political injustice... imagine, after the Christchurch terrorist attack, a prominent right-winger had said: “Well, it makes perfect sense because Islamists are responsible for victimising many non-Muslims.” In fact, this is kind of what Senator Fraser Anning said but not as explicitly as you did. Senator Fraser Anning paid the price"

Burqa ban: Sri Lanka bans all face veils after Easter bombings.
Of course, some people are spinning this as 'Islamophobia'

Man who escaped mosque in burqa was under counter-terror restrictions - "The terror suspect who escaped surveillance by disguising himself as a woman in a burqa was under restrictions to stop him travelling overseas to support terrorism, the home secretary has told MPs.Theresa May defended the use of terrorism prevention and investigation measures, or Tpims, after the disappearance of the Somali-born suspect, Mohammed Ahmed Mohamed, from a west London mosque"

Burqa-clad suicide bombers kill at least 29 inside Afghan Shiite mosque - World - The Jakarta Post - "Burqa-clad suicide bombers struck a Shiite mosque in eastern Afghanistan Friday as it was crowded with worshippers for weekly prayers, killing at least 29 people and wounding more than 80 in the latest attack on the minority... "Two suicide explosions happened during Friday prayers in the Khwaja Hasan area of Gardez," said Abdullah Hasrat, spokesman for Paktia province near the Pakistan border... Provincial police chief General Raz Mohammad Mandozai confirmed the incident, and that the pair were wearing burqas to hide their explosives and weapons."

Chad bans Islamic face veil after suicide bombings - "Chad has banned people from wearing the full-face veil, following two suicide bomb attacks on Monday.Chad's government accused Nigerian militant Islamist group Boko Haram of the bombings which killed more than 20 people.The prime minister said the veil was used as a "camouflage" by militants and said the security forces will burn all full-face veils sold in markets... Boko Haram militants have increasingly been using female suicide bombers in Nigeria, as they are more likely to smuggle bombs into public places without detection.The majority of the population in Chad is Muslim and the burka is worn mainly for religious reasons, but also helps protect women from the hot, dusty climate of the Sahara.The full-face Islamic veil was also banned in May in public places in Congo-Brazzaville, to "counter terrorism"."

Cameron becomes fourth recent African country to ban Islamic veil over terrorism fears - "The northern region of the Central African country joins Chad, Congo and Gabon in making the religious garment, including the burka, illegal in public spaces... two suspected female Boko Haram terrorists dressed in the burka blew themselves up in Fotokol, Cameroon.The twin attacks left 13 people dead in the Far North region of the country.The two terrorists were able to smuggle the bombs into public areas without detection by hiding them under their veils.The Fotokol governor said the attack in the mainly Muslim region meant restrictions had to be enforced."

How Criminals Use the Burqa to Get Away with Rape, Robbery, and Terrorism - "Jermaine Grant, who was linked to the widow of one of the London 7/7 bombers and found guilty of terror-related charges in Kenya, was arrested on a bus in Nairobi while dressed in a burqa to evade authorities who went hunting him after a 2008 attack on a police base.Another terror conspirator, Yassin Omar, had left London for Birmingham disguised as a veiled Muslim woman the day after he made a failed attempt to detonate a bomb on a London Underground station in the attempted 21/7 London terror attacks, evading counter-terror surveillance.
While motorcyclists are expected to remove their helmets before entering banks and jewellery stores, the same is not expected of those wearing Islamic face veils, with criminals taking advantage of liberal laws in Western countries to commit armed robbery. In May 2017, an armed gang was jailed after using Islamic burqas to hide their identities as they stole hundreds of thousands of pounds in raids across Manchester, northern England, with similar robberies in Australia in 2017, the U.S. in 2015, and Canada in 2014"
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