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Saturday, October 06, 2018

Observations - 6th October 2018

"Join the military.
See the world.
Kill people."

"a HR manager [commented] about how Singaporeans need to stop "killing one another", and he gave the analogy of how certain nationalities would celebrate their people who are 97% competent and put them up for promotion, but his Singaporean teams would say that the 97% competent is still lacking 3% and not ready for promotion."

“I've been married for over 20 years, and my Japanese wife still freaks out about my gaijin nose at least once a week"

"If Arabs had to choose between two states, secular and religious, they would vote for religious and flee to secular." - Ali Al Wardi

Mizan Nayan @amizannayan: Islam was introduced to move Arab from tribalism, but Arab tribalism has conquered Islam. - Dr. Eyad Serraj.

"In Sunni Islam, female circumcision is mandatory in the Shafi'i mazhab and encouraged in the other mazhabs. This is because the Prophet's family practised it. So it has a basis in the Sunnah."

"Muslims who wish to convert from Islam face severe obstacles"
"Hence the agony in mat rockers' voices as they belt out: "you can check out anytime but you can never leave"."

The problem with people who have "funny" fake names on Facebook is that when you want to find them it's a pain

"I think a better title for this article would be "two dickheads had an argument on social media and for some reason we need you all to care about this""

To get around the minimum fee on microtransactions problem (which is why they want to charge us $5 for a month rather than $0.05 per article), media sites should offer packages - e.g. 30 articles for $3

MMORPG: Many Men Online Role Playing as Girls

If your app won't stop harassing me till I write a review with no way to dismiss the nag permanently I'm giving it a one star rating

"Even spagetti is straight until hot amd wet"

"Has the National Council of Churches made a statement about the adulterous @STcom scandal yet?"
"Maybe when there is a yearly parade at Hong Lim Park called Scarlet Dot celebrating adultery under the freedom to love outside of mono-normative constraints they might."

"Transgendered people want to be accepted for who they are, yet they weren't able to accept themselves for who they were?"

Claiming Christians who have opinions on public policy are just hiding their dominionist views is like accusing secular Muslims of taqqiya whenever they denounce Islamism

"I used to talk to older generations of Chinese about SJWs in the West.
They would say to me, "Yeah, yeah.. We heard it all before, privilege, oppressor class, victim class, identity struggle, self crit sessions, class struggle theory whatever.. Those white kids sound like lamer versions of the Red Guards. You heard of the Red Guards?"

"Once you please one group, you have to please everyone."
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