"Malaysia Prime Minister Mahathir Mohamad and the Sultan of Johor are seen in a blue Proton Saga... "When asked whether there is any tension with the sultan, Dr Mahathir said: “No, I don’t see anything because I went to see him and he drove me to the airport. I don’t want to comment on the sultans because if I say anything that is not good then it’s not nice because he is the sultan”"

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Thursday, October 04, 2018

Links - 4th October 2018 (1)

U.S. Obesity Rates & Trends – The State of Obesity - "Asian Americans have far lower rates of obesity than any other racial or ethnic group... Boys are slightly more likely to have obesity than girls. Among adults, women have slightly higher levels of obesity than men"
This suggests that fat shaming (as with Asians) works
This is what happens when you glorify obesity for women

Sara Al Iraqiya - #Hilton becomes Shari’a compliant just in time for #ISNA2018. How festive! - "@HiltonHotels kicks out my friend for wearing t shirt reading "I am an #exMuslim" as to not upset #ISNA convention guests. Great job enforcing #sharia in America, #Hilton!"

The Alt-Centrist - Posts - "Blue Check Watch with 27.9k followers suspended from Twitter.
Highlighting Twitter's hypocrisy is against its terms and conditions.

Metro on Twitter - "The support for our Trump Baby balloon has been so massive, we’re going global" (17 July 2018)
Metro on Twitter - "Flying the Sadiq Khan balloon is not an exercise of free speech – it is a party for bigots" (31 August 2018)

Australian Court Rules Bohra Practice of Female Circumcision is Not Mutilation – Religious Freedom News - "“I am delighted that the Supreme Court of Australia confirmed what female members of the Dawoodi Bohra faith all over the world have been asserting for many centuries: that the Bohra practice of Khafz is a harmless procedure that in no way can be categorized as female genital mutilation,” a Dawoodi Bohra spokeswoman commented. Khafz is women-led ceremony. It is an important and private ritual organized for girls by female family members and performed by experienced females whose carefully honed techniques have been passed down the generations. At no stage are men involved, let alone by forcing such a procedure upon women. Khafz is an important but harmless procedure that has been practiced for centuries by many Bohra women. Unlike male circumcision in both Jewish and Bohras communities, which requires the removal of the foreskin, female circumcision in the Bohra faith is more symbolic, requiring no part of the body to be removed. Crucially, it has no negative impact on a girl’s mental, physical or sexual health."
It's telling of female circumcision hysteria that people are condemning this

Girl, 3, 'needed emergency surgery after FGM in London' - "Today’s case is only the third time that charges of FGM have been brought to court. The two previous cases both resulted in acquittals, meaning that there has not been a single FGM conviction in the UK despite it being illegal in this country since 1985. Official figures show that thousands of Londoners have suffered FGM"

Fury as police suggests NOT prosecuting those behind FGM - "The force was bombarded with online complaints after replying to a tweet asking why there had been no prosecutions for female genital mutilation (FGM). The police reply, which has since been deleted, read: "educating and safeguarding vulnerable girls is the focus. "Prosecuting/jailing parents unlikely to benefit child.""

Greens deputy leadership candidate quits election race after father jailed for raping a child - "Aimee Challenor was seen as one of the frontrunners for the position and has claimed she was unaware what her father had done. The party’s equality spokeswoman and former parliamentary candidate had hired her father to run her campaigns even after he had been charged with the crimes, which were initially reported to police in late 2015. David Challenor, 50, was jailed for 22 years for holding a 10-year-old girl captive in his “torture den” attic where he electrocuted her while playing out his sadomasochistic fantasies. A court was told how he would dress up as a small girl in adult-sized baby dresses and nappies before carrying out the attacks at his home... Ms Challenor issued a statement on her website confirming she was withdrawing from the race and said she had, despite living in the family home, only recently heard about her father’s crimes"

How the left made Tommy Robinson - "It is the cultural elite’s cowardly instinct to chill open discussion about issues like Islam, multiculturalism, mass immigration and social tensions that created Tommy Robinson and his various movements, through allowing him to present himself as a seer in a time of silence. If Robinson really is the monster the left claim he is, they are his Dr Frankenstein. Throughout his political career, from his leadership of the English Defence League to his current role as self-styled alt-media revealer of ‘The Truth’ about Britain’s Muslim grooming gangs and other problematic Islamic activities, Robinson’s appeal has continually been based on his willingness to say the unsayable. He has benefited directly from a climate in which critical discussion of Islam and British values is demonised. And he has been successful because people aggrieved at the lack of openness around Britain’s cultural difficulties see in him someone who will speak on their behalf. He is censorship’s offspring... the liberal media continually tell us to panic about far-right extremism when the evidence of our eyes tells us Islamist extremism is a far greater threat: more than 450 Europeans have been slaughtered by Islamist terrorists in the past five years. He is only possible in an era in which commentators mock people who raise concerns about cultural tensions in Sweden even as Jews are attacked in Malmo. An era in which even to say the word Islamist when talking about Islamist terrorism can win you hisses and boos. Witness the shutting down of then UKIP leader Paul Nuttall during a TV debate last year when he dared to put the word ‘Islamist’ before ‘terrorist’ when commenting on the barbarism in Manchester."

Tommy Robinson is richer and has more international support after two-month imprisonment, research shows - "he is currently a free man after judges at the Court of Appeal quashed a 13-month sentence at Leeds Crown Court as the result of a "fundamentally flawed process"."

Lesbian activists block Pride in London march to protest against trans women - "She said her sexuality is seen as transphobic and exclusive ‘just because we are women attracted to women.’ ‘We don’t want any kind of penis in our bedroom,’ she said. ‘I’m really sad I have to reassert this again. ‘It’s everywhere online – it’s everywhere in LGBTQ centres’"

Are Ahmadis Muslims? Let us ask Prophet Muhammad - "An Ahmadi Muslim shopkeeper, Mr. Asad Shah, was recently stabbed to death in Glasgow, UK. Mr. Tanveer Ahmad, a Sunni Muslim of Pakistani origin, claimed he committed the act because Asad had “disrespected Islam.” In his eyes, Asad was a blasphemer. The Sunni extremist group, Almi Majlis Tahaffuz Khatme Nubuwat (AMTKN), found to have links with Al Qaeda, sent out a message congratulating all Muslims on Asad’s murder. Just a few days later, ‘Kill Ahmadis’ pamphlets were found at the group’s Mosque in Stockwell. Other Sunni groups in Pakistan also praised Mr. Tanveer as a hero of Islam and congratulated the Sunnis on his “courageous act.” Following the murder, the Muslim Council of Britain released a statement clarifying that they would not identify Mr. Asad Shah as a Muslim. King’s College academic Mr. Shiraz Maher also voiced the same sentiment, asking if there was a problem if he did not consider Mr. Asad Shah a ‘real Muslim?’ Also following the murder, a sign calling on fellow Sunnis to boycott the Ahmadi Muslims and sever all ties with them was put up at the largest Sunni Mosque in Slough, UK. “Qadianis (pejorative for Ahmadi Muslims) ... are not Muslims,” the sign said"

The dark secret of Thailand’s child brides - "Since 2003, under Thailand’s strict child protection laws, no one under 17 can marry, and sex with a minor is a prosecutable offence. However, in the southern provinces of Thailand – Narathiwat, Pattani and Yalla, which are majority Muslim – a legal loophole allows Muslim communities to apply Islamic law to family matters. According to this law, there is no minimum age for marriage and, culturally, girls are deemed eligible as soon as they start menstruating. In this way, child marriage has continued as an unregulated norm and a solution to underage pregnancy and rape – with the Thai government appearing to turn a blind eye... The practice is also particularly lucrative for imams practising on the Thai side of the Golok river, who charge four times as much to conduct a marriage for a visiting Malaysian as they do for people from their own community. In Malaysia, Che Abdul Karim would have found it difficult or impossible to obtain permission to marry Ayu; in Thailand, he simply paid the imam 4,500 baht (£105), and it was done... Their reluctance, she added, is rooted in sensitivity over self-determination for Islamic communities in the deep south of Thailand. For 14 years, a civil war has been raging in Narathiwat, Pattani, Yalla and occasionally southern areas of Songkhla. Its roots lie in Thailand’s annexation and conquest in 1909 of the Malay sultanate of Patani, which covered most of these provinces. A separatist movement formed in the 1950s exploded into all-out insurgency in 2004. Though the conflict has quietened in recent years, bombings and shootings are still common, and the fighting has cost almost 7,000 lives, 90% of them civilians."

'Anomalies' in data logs in final MH370 report suggest they were modified: Report - "Members of the Independent Group, which worked with the Australian Transport Safety Bureau (ATSB) on investigations into the MH370 mystery, claimed to have found "some anomalies in the message logs that were included in factual information released by Malaysia on March 8, 2014, and the Safety Investigation Report released by Malaysia on July 30"."

Parents horrified by sexy pole-dancing act at Chinese kindergarten - "Pole dancing is by nature sexy and flirtatious, and by that measure, it is for the eyes of adults, not young children"

What HDB didn't tell you about Punggol (and Pasir Gudang) - "Because of the concentration of petrochemical activities in Pasir Gudang, Singaporeans living in the north-east have at various times reported “chemical smells”. What they are smelling is actually a mixture of sulfur dioxide and volatile organic compounds (VOCs). The odour can be acrid and gas-like, and residents — some from as far as Ang Mo Kio due to north-easterly prevailing winds — have reported experiencing headaches, eye irritation, itchy throat and other respiratory conditions that correspond to symptoms experienced during and after exposure to airborne chemicals. Exposure to airborne VOCs has also been known to trigger asthma attacks in sufferers."

We Need to Start Barking at White People Who Speak Out of Turn - "One thing, however, that we can and definitely should start doing is what M’Baku and his Que Dog Jabari tribe did when encountering a problematic white dude who was speaking when there was no ask or need or purpose for the thoughts and opinions of problematic white dudes. Bark."
So much for fighting stereotypes

Saudi students file for asylum in Canada as deadline to return home passes - "As the Aug. 31 deadline for Saudi students to leave Canada passes, at least 20 students are filing asylum claims in an attempt to stay in the country."

Muslim staff escape NHS hygiene rule - "Female staff who follow the Islamic faith will be allowed to cover their arms to preserve their modesty despite earlier guidance that all staff should be "bare below the elbow"... The rules were drawn up to reduce the number of patients who were falling ill, and even dying, from superbugs such as MRSA and Clostridium difficile"

S’porean denied travel insurance claim despite 24-hour flight delay - "Ng purchased travel insurance from AIG, and had her claim denied.
Ng said that her claim was denied because “the airline letter did not indicate that the delay was due to mechanical delay”."

What smartphone photography is doing to our memories - "Smartphone photography isn’t making us dumber. It’s shifting the way our minds work, refocusing our attention"

Jack Mintz: Actually, evidence shows ‘diversity’ makes countries weaker — not stronger - "the most fragmented societies were found to have lower growth in per capita GDP and poorer quality public institutions: fewer years of schooling, worse infrastructure, higher fiscal deficits, lower credit liquidity and higher black-market premiums. According to Alesina et al.’s estimates, if Canada’s ethnic fragmentation was as low as in the U.S., we would have 0.4 percentage points more in annual growth in per capita GDP... When ethnically fragmented populations are associated with high degree of income inequality, the risk of social conflict grows... Fragmentation also impacts governance. Ethnically fragmented populations tend to have more party proliferation, especially under proportional representation. Voters gravitate to parties to which they identify culturally or socially, not just on the basis of national issues. First-past-the-post voting in countries like Canada and the U.S. reduces party proliferation in fragmented countries... there is no evidence to support the political hypothesis that ethnic and linguistic fragmentation — a.k.a. “diversity” — leads to higher growth. Only religious fragmentation has been correlated with improved growth... Canadians have had difficulty in defining Canada’s national identity (beyond the right to health care as Roy Romanow put in his 2002 report). It is not surprising, then, that Canada is one of the most decentralized federations in the world."
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