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Thursday, May 31, 2012

Let them eat Bibles

Spam of the day:

Subject: Send a Bible to North Korea by Hot Air Balloon‏‏

Message: If you are a believer in North Korea and are caught with a only one Bible, you could be sent to prison for life. Yet, the hunger for God's Word cannot be quenched there...

ICC has the opportunity to send 25,000 Bibles into North Korea (by hot air balloon), Iran, and China in the next few months, but we do not have the money in our Bible Fund to send them...

Each Bible is a seed that creates life wherever it is sent."

Perhaps Man does not live by bread alone, but it's sure that without bread he would die.

I'm sure in North Korea they're hungry for more important things than Bibles.

Amusingly, this spam email links to - which is just about the persecution of Christians.

Amusingly, the "Global Persecution Post Map « Persecution of Christians & Persecuted Churches" lists the following "Persecution Reports":

- Canada previously not having an Office of Religious Freedom in the Foreign Affairs department
- The repatriation of North Korean refugees (there is no mention of religion, and the "Full Story" link goes to the Canada article)
- A Muslim who attacked Christians asking for forgiveness
- A toy in McDonald's allegedly insulting Muhammad

(these frivolous entries are from May alone)

Unfortunately, because of such red herrings (I'm not including more contentious cases like proselytisation on the job), people are going to be less inclined to take real instances of persecution seriously.
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