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Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Best Cloud Computing analogy I've seen

Harry Falkenmire's answer to Can prostitutes be a sustainable long-term alternative to a girlfriend? - Quora:

"Escorts are the "cloud computing" of male/female interaction.

Why buy a $10000 server that will be obsolete in three years when you can pay a monthly fee and have someone else worry about both the refresh and the maintenance of that device. Lets consider the five characteristics of cloud (NIST):

  • Rapid elasticity (scalable)
  • Ubiquitous access (anywhere in the world)
  • Utility billing (pay per use)
  • Transperant resource pooling ("i have a headache.." no more!)
  • Self service (on demand)
Each of these attributes and many more make transactional female encounters just as evolutionary and attractive a model as cloud computing has become. Sure, some people will always cling to the control and comfort of on premise/traditional models, but we all know where things are heading ^_^"
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