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Friday, June 01, 2012

I blame Toxoplasmosis

On GIVE Singapore, one can donate to Singaporean charities (loosely defined).

As of the time of this blog post, the top 5 causes on the leaderboard are:

1. Shave Cheryl, Save the Cats (S$9,560)
2. Mega & Mini - Running for a Worthy Cause (S$3,401)
3. Sundown Marathon Zurich Team (S$2,450)
4. Victoria's Great Wall of China Challenge (S$2,447)
5. Racing For Autism (S$2,440)

In other words, people are donating almost as much money to Cats as the environment; terminally ill children; families, the elderly and children and young people with special needs; Vietnamese children and autism.


Presumably Singaporeans care more about cats than other humans.

[Keywords: Singaporeans love cats more than other humans]
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