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Sunday, March 18, 2012

When Jingoism meets History

On the question Why does Argentina believe that the Malvinas/Falklands are its sovereign teritory when the population of the islands disagrees?:

Me: Nationalism and jingoism, especially when stirred up for political purposes, do not respect the principle of self-determination.

Someone: i would like to go to your house, and use my self-determination principle to decide your kitchen is mine.

Me: First I'd kick all the Argentines from Patagonia and the Misiones, then I'd deport all of the mestizos and whites from the rest of Argentina

Someone: LOL that's a pretty clear answer that shows your racism.

Me: LOL tell that to all the victims of the genocide during la Conquista del desierto

Someone: in fact, let's talk about the american conquer, or about neardental victims.

Me: You brought up history, not me.

Historical note: La Conquista del Desierto or the Conquest of the Desert, which involved genocide by Argentina against the "real" natives of Patagonia, took place in the 1870s.

This was 4 decades after Britain re-established control over the Falklands making this case, if nothing else, more historically relevant than the "Malvinas", even if one ignores the Iberian conquest of the Americas (which resulted in the replacement of native Americans by whites and mestizos), which were a mere 3 centuries before 1833 (which in turn is only about 2 centuries before the current date)
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