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Thursday, March 22, 2012

Something to do this Saturday

Alexis was pimping an event called Real Love Works 2012 (it's not supported by SDN but MCYS is behind it and anyway it's in the SDN spirit so I've tagged it as such).

At Punggol Waterway this Saturday from 5:30pm-7:30pm, entry to this event is billed as "Free for all in love".

Description of the event: "Come celebrate the excitement and joys of marriage with Marriage Central at the launch of Real Love Works. Stroll down Punggol Waterway in this fun and unique walk with meaningful couple activities from tying a love knot on the Heart of Marriage, harvesting the flower of love, to capturing memorable moments with our iPhone "Love Journal" app and more! Cuddle up close to your spouse as you watch the sunset together and enjoy an evening of smooth jazz featuring popular artistes."

Meanwhile the registration form just asks for:

"Name of Contact person
IC no.
Contact no.
Partner’s name
Partner's IC no.
Partner's Contact no."

It doesn't ask for gender, or say you to have to be married. So I'm now looking for a guy friend (one I already know, of course - preferably married, even) to go with!
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