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Thursday, March 22, 2012

Where "Militant Secularism" is an appropriate label

"faith is meant to be personal right? so why display it off? its either insecurity or arrogance. hence need to be banned. I would even ban the usage of Insha'Allah in every other sentence from a muslim as well...

anything to do with any religion have to be banned from workplace and if possible from public streets. You can wear it at home and at ur place of worship. anything other than that is a bomb waiting to explode.

I am totally against anything to do with family or religion displayed at workplace. its just a distraction from being focused on your job...

u dont let a drug addict wave his stash of marijuana in public do u?? Or do you let ur dominatix friend come to work on a latex suite with a whip?? same goes for religious nuts. displaying source of their addiction/perversion is hardly appropriate in any society."
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