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Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Observations - 14th March 2012

"So little time and so little to do." - Oscar Levant


[On it taking 2 hands to clap] "Geylang is just a part in Singapore which is who of nice food and lust. Being a lady myself. If I ever caught my bf there being with a fling or pros, I will blame tat I didn't take care of my own relationship well." (the comment comparing "SG WIFE" and "PRC GAL" is hilarious)

I finally found out the answer to a question that'd been bugging me for 17 years: Angel Grove High = the Ulysses S. Grant High School in Los Angeles.

For cities that have more than one Hard Rock Cafe (e.g. Singapore with Changi and the City) do the T-shirts read differently?

夫妻相 may be sweet, but it could mean you're related

I realise the French Fuck is very misnamed.

Any "temporary" ban on shark finning would become permanent. Just look at whales.

Why is dodgy health advice so popular? I'm tempted to tell people to eat 3kg of raw bitter almonds to maintain their health.

WOO HOO! Under the Road Traffic Act you can run down cats (but not horses, cattle, asses, mules, sheep, pigs, goats or dogs). Where is the Cat Welfare Society?

For all the Argentines talk about the Falklands, they keep quiet on Patagonia and the Misiones.

Suspecting some who condemned Iraq 2003 as illegal also condemn the UN for being useless for Syria 2012.

Amused that Pei Hwa Presbyterian Primary School - a SAP school - got Gold for Indian Dance (with Chinese students dancing). Even more amused that someone making this observation was told that he sounded racist.

If bourgeois pigs will always be bourgeois pigs, pig farmers will always be pig farmers.

People only say "correlation is not causation" when they don't like the result.

"Liberals believe in evolution in a classroom setting. Conservatives deny evolution in the classroom, but are more willing to believe in it in the real world... they act like humans have a genetic legacy that includes a sexual division of labor, group differences, hereditary traits, etc"

I got a phishing email - sent to someone else's address and CCed to more than 90 other addresses. Well done.

"10千万女人寻求一个男人为了今晚做爱" - Even if you want to BS you shouldn't be so outrageous

"How can you not have watched Citizen Kane? I thought you're a Europhile"

"Spiritual but not religious on dating sites means the person is a cuckoo, mystical, new age kind of person" (this is from Rationally Speaking)

"why does the HPB website tell me to go for pap smear when i click on screening info for Men? arghhh"

"I wanna write 'I miss you' on a rock and throw it at your face so you know how much it hurts to miss you."

RT: @FlareonRRRAGE: From now on, whenever a girl asks me "do guys really think about sex every 7 seconds?", I will look them in the eye and lick my lips.

RT @skinnylatte: I marvel at how Malaysians are celebrating a play about racism by one of Singapore's very own racists.

RT @querulus The name "Natasha" is "Ah Satan" backwards, but nobody freaks out about that.

RT: @sickipediabot: Give a man a fish, and he'll feed himself for a day. Beat him to death with his own shoe, and he won't be hungry anymore.
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