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Monday, March 12, 2012

Observations - 12th March 2012

"In preparing for battle I have always found that plans are useless, but planning is indispensable." - Dwight D. Eisenhower


If you have dua lumpah, you're gonna have tia kar when I plump myself down next to you on the seat.

You can't connect the dots looking backwards if you're dead.

Why does Kickapoo come in both caffine and no-caffeine versions? Packaged similarly to boot.

Somehow caffeine is most effective at night when I'm trying to sleep. (this dates from a different day)

Me: People who inspire me: Marquis de Sade, Leonardo da Vinci, Epicurus, Salman Rushdie, Socrates, Nietzsche, Gou Jian
Someone: Marquis de Sade? ;))). No shit.
Someone else: no, shit

"I think Gabriel's moobs are a good proxy for many slim Asian girls ;P And definitely more hilarious"

Moral clarity means you're blind to subtleties and complications.

Why is it generally alright (even praiseworthy) to dress up in the garb of another race or culture, but not to makeup your body and face to look like them (e.g. blackface)? (I asked this on Quora but wasn't satisfied with the answers)

The moment someone says "cisgender" or "kyriarchy", it's time to run away (even more so than "privilege"). (Someone: "it sounds like cyst-gender. ugh.")

What's the point of sending me an email if you call me 1 second later?

Not sure why people bother to lie in autoreplies. "Thank you for your email". Yeah right.

RT @Notorious_QRG: Feminists remember kiddies, are the ones who build 'safe spaces' where nasty patriarchy cant get them. And then 'invade' others' 'space'

"authentic relationships of love and friendship are only possible between individuals who do not depend on each other or stand in unequal power relations." (this is from Sweden, naturally)
Someone: "i am appalled to learn that the first 25 years of relationships of love with my parents were not authentic. no, this must be a lie."

RT: @FUCKIPEDIA: I just asked my little girl if she knew what happens to girls that don't eat their food.
She said "They turn in to supermodels."

RT @lupcheong: My new ambition as a SG guy is not to be able to afford a flat with $1k salary; it's to have $97K to lose to a blackmail. (on this story)

RT @thewritertype It's outrageous how Google can now profit from exploiting all my most personal data. Who do they think they are, Facebook?

"Did you know that 54% of women would prefer to be hit by a truck than be fat?"

RT: @yongfook: @Xiaxue social media witch-hunt mentality. it's scary. we talk way more about the bad shit people do than their positive achievements.

"Whenever I get asked by a girl if they can punch my stomach because I have abs, I'm tempted to reply with: 'Can I touch your chest because you have boobs?'"

RT: @shanethevein: Fuck tweeting like no one is watching. Tweet like you're trying to get unfollowed.

RT @pingpingss: Being an expert in social media is like being an expert at taking the bread out of the refrigerator.
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