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Wednesday, November 02, 2011

Various Pictures with Mandarin

One of many ways to piss off your Mandarin teacher: an essay titled "the person I respect and love the most" - with her (I think) as the star

"I can stand a fake physique, fake breasts and a fake butt. What I can't stand is fake money"

解其衣, 脱其裤, 摸其乳, 吻其阴, 上下其手, 举阳入阴, 入四分, 退三分, 反复也, 三分水, 七分潮, 兴奋也!
美哉, !悠哉!"

"Aier Disinfector
Kill Spermatozoom
Destroy HIV
Lubri cate
Shrink cunt"

This one misses the point that language is primarily about communication, not about art. A signifier has no inherent meaning.
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