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Thursday, August 25, 2011

On NUS Literature students

"Bachelor's degrees make pretty good placemats if you get 'em laminated." - Jeph Jacques


@preius: Somehow it seems blasphemous to go into a literature tutorial and confess you read more non-fiction than fiction..

@eisen: Why not. Non-fiction is still composed of words. And don't literature students love word play? Heheh

@preius: somehow it seems less acceptable. the stereotypical lit student doesn't read nonfic? to put it plainly they now think i am boring :(

@eisen: Bah. Don't be too disturbed by them. Many lit students I took modules with were full of fluff and nothing else.
Heck, they didn't even properly read the required readings before going to tutorial. I ended up asking many of the questions.
Yes! They were lit tutorials, the lit students were largely silent, so the history major had to rescue the lesson. Pfft

@preius: that's true, I think I've held my own fairly well in my lit mods so far, mainly by doing all the (nonfiction) readings!

Me: Hee a lit student I know keeps claiming they're very smart and can tear bs apart

@preius: haha, I said I was a Geog major and consequently suffered the "what-are-you-doing-here" look
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