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Sunday, August 21, 2011

u r wt u wr (Foreign Edition: Jakarta 2009; Macau, France, China 2010)

u r wt u wr Foreign Edition - Jakarta:

- 'Hard gene massh virgin'
- 'Bonne chance ♥'
- 'Socialité'

u r wt u wr Foreign Edition - Macau:

- 'Take off your shiny tights'
- 'Oh my sweet kitty, you're a really good girl *picture of a cat*'
- 'Cash for cream *some fine print I didn't see*'
- 'Almost and single'
- [Back] 'Work hard like you blow me haha'
- 'The sexy style has an award. Hindlu' (my scribblings for the last 2 words weren't clear)
- 'Juicy *picture of silk teddy behind* My baby my baby' (she sat on her guy's lap. I thought she wanted to get more juicy. Then she zipai-ed both of them)
- '*hat *uck' (She was in the airport alone, with a PRC passport, and she was travelling to Singapore. Maybe she was a chicken and this was how she was advertising)

u r wt u wr Foreign Edition - France:

- 'Nice to tweet you'
- 'oh la la *picture of something with sexual pun which I forgot*'
- 'Kiss me *picture of Hello Kitty*'
- 'Make baby with love' (she was pushing a pram so she took her own advice)

u r wt u wr Foreign Edition - China:

Nothing. I'd expected something more subtle than "干我, 快干我", but didn't see anything at all.
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