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Monday, July 25, 2011

Conversations - 25th July 2011

"Outer space is no place for a person of breeding." - Lady Violet Bonham Carter


TC: nothing worth telling u want to hear bout us fighting ah lol

Me: why not

MFTTW: why the hell would anyone go to laos... sex tourism lor
indochina is rubbish lah
the only place worth seeing was angkor wat
the rest is like
"come visit our history of oppressing our own people"

Someone: *** was so drunk she got semi-raped in the toilet

Me: how do you get semi-raped

Someone: u think u gg toilet to make out or maybe give a blow job then suddenly he is in you and u are too drunk to do anything

Me: well. this is the problem with consent

Someone: yar loh

TC: i think might be the same thing
that pple get so upset with u
and flame u

cause u think pple shd be able to defend their statements
then when u prove them wrong they get angry

Someone: u bring out the most puzzling in women :p

Someone else: it's getting hard to get friends to hang out with now that most of them are married

*** only gets to go out when his wife goes for her facials. but another friend his wife allows him to go to ktv, thai discos

TC: Sad she got boobs but frigid Maybe she just nv meet v hot guys who like her

Me: It's OK to be frigid if you're flat?

TC: No But more wasted

Me: Lol

TC: Is okay to be frigid But missing out on v nice things mah

Me: Wasted for who

TC: Humanity

Me: ...

Me: you're from cote d'ivoire?
how come you have an aol address?

Someone else: good
i was in usa before my father my father was killed in cold blooded by an on known killer due to my father supported to stop the genocide in my country.
then i came back

I am contacting you to kindly assist me locate a
Lucrative business in your country into which you can
Assist me invest the sum of (1.2Million United States
Dollars) left in the bank by my late father.
I was in my second year in the university in my country studying medical before i stop because of the war.
I have decided to contact you for this assistance
After going through your profile, and I am
Believing/trusting that you must surely assist
Me, hence it will be have benefit to you once you
Accept to assist me. With your assistance i will offer you 15%

Me: are you sure you're not from nigeria?

Someone else: yes
i can give you the number here to call

Me: sure. let me pass it on to an enemy of mine
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