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Friday, July 29, 2011

Observations - 29th July 2011

"This is like deja vu all over again." - Yogi Berra


I was amused by the #whitepeoplestink Twitter hashtag.

Causing trouble - especially if you have special needs others must cater for - is an underrated form of power.

Amused at the parallels between Niemöller and domino theory.

Online articles with different titles and <title> tags are puzzling and annoying - I don't know which one to use to link to them

Wondering how many of the 'work from home' schemes involve spamming the Internet with godawful scam sites

Amused by Google Maps directions to "Jet ski across the Pacific Ocean 782 km";

"Just because I don't care, doesn't mean I don't understand." ~ Homer Simpson

Many women have complex relationships with their mothers. A Freudian interpretation is half plausible

I saw a girl in miniskirt carrying a skateboard. How does that work? ("It does not have to work. It just has to happen.")

One SDN event calls "for Ladies and Gentlemen born in the 70s and 80s". That's a very wide range of ages (21 to 40), and a great way to exclude those older than 40!

Yet too long to quit your job & enjoy yourself. RT @spoonrabbit Life is too short to waste it listening to bullshit. Ugh. #fact

Interestingly, despite the propaganda there was only 1 documented incident, in 1944, of a German U-boat gunning the survivors of an attack. In contrast there were hundreds of cases where they instead provided assistance after torpedoing the boats.

Amused you can pass the JLPT without being able to speak OR write any Japanese at all.

Many many months ago I saw women-only parking lots at Furama Riverfront (maybe they're not there anymore). Someone said that "it would be really funny if these lots were parallel parking ones..."

Guy: Wanna hear a joke about my dick? Nevermind, it's too long.
Girl: Wanna hear a joke about my vagina? Nevermind, you won't get it.

"There's no sense in running away from your problems"
"Unless they are a lion"

Perhaps paternity uncertainty explains why people are closer to their mothers than fathers

Spam subjects:
"Big penis like a girl!"
"Big-penis is-like an expensive-car!"
i.e. Extravagant luxuries and not necessities?

"恁娘: 原指對方的母親,現已變成用來罵人的粗俗語" - The Taiwanese Ministry of Education approves of this.
Also, there is a Wikipedia entry for "幹你娘". Very good.
Lastly, "ka-kī-lâng" comes out as "家己人", not "自己人"!

"Today, I watched Free Willy with my daughter. Later on she decided to free her 6 pet mice into the house. FML"

RT @bioanarchism went for outfield with vodka in one water bottle and plain water in the other. never felt better throughout the cold night
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