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Saturday, October 30, 2010

Good uses for your E-Mart Credit

"We are confronted with insurmountable opportunities." - Walt Kelly


The SAF's Misuse of Credits policy is very interesting:

"The aim of credit allocation is to allow NSmen to replace their personal equipment during their active service so that they are adequately equipped for NS training. Those NSmen who misuse their allocated credits will be disciplinarily dealt with. HQ Supply Command will investigate and take action against those NSmen who are found to be guilty of the following:

a. Using their allocated credits in exchange for financial benefits.
b. Unauthorised use of another person's identification card to carry out purchases.
c. Purchasing items of opposite genders for their spouse or relatives or friends.
d. Excessive purchase of particular items without valid reasons."

As everyone knows, in Slavery rhetoric is worthless, and without the magic phrases "severely dealt with" or "disciplinarily dealt with", you can usually do anything you want. So we just need to focus on the iterated offences which will get you investigated and disciplined.

The most obvious implication is that if you use your own identification card and do not seek financial benefits, you can make non-excessive purchases of items for members of your own gender.

However, another is that you can buy items of the opposite gender (a non-excessive amount, of course!) for your own use (presumably if you are a drag queen, or transvestite, or transsexual). I might want to try the last one myself one day, to see if HQ Supply & Transport calls me up. Who knows, I might even get downgraded (some more), as an added bonus!
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