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Wednesday, October 21, 2009

"Literature is an occupation in which you have to keep proving your talent to people who have none." - Jules Renard


Frigid Girl: i met all your UD 1 and 6

must be like pokemon
gotta catch em all


PPBI: my guy friends never compliment me

not that i am expecting them to
but it's nice anyway

Me: ok

well your boobs are nice, I guess
but I never see very clearly

PPBI: !!!


you must say
that dress flatters your figure very well


Me: ... women

PPBI: you never see very well how you know they are nice!

a good bra always helps

Me: you wanted a compliment what

PPBI: not that type of compliment

Frigid Girl: women make every disagreement sound like some dynasty shit

"she's out to destroy me!"
"this is war between us"

Someone: **** = scum beneath my shoe.*

Me: haha why are they scum

Someone: for reasons that u and i both know?

Me: haha
didn't know you felt that strongly

migrate lor!

Someone: oh yeah that's definitely in my list of to do things.

seems like nobody i knwo wnats to come back

or even if they do, they want to be seen as foreign talent.
which is ironic how alot of ppl who go abroad to study have this aspiration to come back as a foreign talent

Frigid Girl: it's all your fault

now when i hear the starting notes of tuba mirum i think of that fucked up version that you let me hear

can't listen to it with a straight face

PPBI: u know was in flowerpod

then got this thread
the OP accidentally stumbled in front of a angmoh guy
and the angmoh guy was pissed so he elbowed her

and some other posters actually suggested that she shout molest

Me: ah, female privilege.

Someone on hating Singaporean co-workers: ang moh better la

i hate singaporeans
all chee bye

v anal
talk a lot
v for themselves lor

sgrean v neow
n lousy
australians get the job done faster n less anal

Me: haha
foreign talent are superior huh

Someone: i think they are better
because they are nice to u
when u do stuff for them

sgreans tend to wanna exert some authority
altho they have little

at least the FT know where the goal is
sgreans run ard the park but nv score

my life was much better when i worked w the australians

Someone else: i can imagine that there are vested interests in keeping it vague
"the powers of the police/auxiliary police"

we are still a very authoritarian society
in the libertarian west the police have extremely strict and transparent codes of conduct
what they can do and cannot do

Me: here, people assume that if the police come look for you, you must be doing something wrong

Someone else: yes
and the confer upon the police wide and ambiguous powers
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