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Thursday, October 22, 2009

"The desire to take medicine is perhaps the greatest feature which distinguishes man from animals." - Sir William Osler


Would-Be Burglars Foiled By Billiard Balls - ""I hollered out 'Death from above!' I'm not kidding. And no sooner than I said that, I started chucking pool balls at them.""

YouTube - Baby Laugh-a-Lot Commercial - "Tickle Me Elmo meets the Bride of Chuckie!! (From the psychiatrist's couch years later...) "That laugh! That EVIL LAUGH!!! That's all I kept hearing....!!!" Some toymakers sure had some strange ideas in their day..!"

Japan’s Sex Gap: 25% Now “Middle-Aged Virgins” - "As many as 24.3% of males aged 30-35 are virgins, a statistic which seems to have been worsening... 73.9% of those with annual incomes of less than $20,000 had no partners, whilst only 33.3% of men with incomes of from $90-120,000 lacked partners. The same survey suggested these poorer men could or would not use prostitutes; 85.5% of the below $20,000 group had never used a brothel, whilst only 37% of men with incomes from $90,000 to $120,000 had never visited such an establishment, itself a rather disturbing figure... the “cut-off line” for marriage for 46% of women was $40,000 a year, with 29% demanding $60,000. However, 2007 government statistics indicated there are only 2,544,900 employed bachelor men with incomes over $40,000 in the whole country, meaning millions of “excess” women are present hunting for the tiny number of high-income men they consider eligible, whilst the rest are left with only the prospect of fantasies."

Let's Get Short! - "FACT: The average senior citizen probably assumes "" is the URL for a Lithuanian overbite clinic; "" looks like the homepage of an Islamic transportation consultancy.
FACT: On the other hand, "" lays it all out on the table!"

God is not the Creator, claims academic - Telegraph - "Prof Van Wolde, 54, who will present a thesis on the subject at Radboud University in The Netherlands where she studies, said she had re-analysed the original Hebrew text and placed it in the context of the Bible as a whole, and in the context of other creation stories from ancient Mesopotamia. She said she eventually concluded the Hebrew verb "bara", which is used in the first sentence of the book of Genesis, does not mean "to create" but to "spatially separate". The first sentence should now read "in the beginning God separated the Heaven and the Earth" According to Judeo-Christian tradition, God created the Earth out of nothing."

Modern academic economics 'a disaster and a disgrace', says leading analyst - ""A year ago we came perilously close to utter catastrophe," he adds. "But the neoliberal, free-market people are already on the warpath. They remind me of some mythical creature – cut off one head and it sprouts more""

Passwords used by the Conficker worm
Some I like: "fuck", "sql", "coffee", "freedom", "anything", "love123"

He had 500 offensive photos in his phone - ""My husband and I were shocked when we were shown the data because there were more than 500 pictures of various women that this man took. All the pictures were of their chests and breasts.""
For once, the comments are mostly sensible, though AsiaOne seems to disagree, e.g. "if the pictures taken are "offensive", then the "victims" in the pictures should be charged for INDECENT EXPOSURE!
Where is the logic that a picture of a sexy girl is offensive but the same sexy girl walking in public is not offensive?
IS IT UPSKIRT? NO! if i take a 18megapix wide lens camera and take the picture of a crowd, then crop out a sexy girl in the picture taken.. is that offensive?"

Media may be next target - "A Taliban group also sent two letters... warning that if the media “does not stop portraying us as terrorists ... we will blow up offices of journalists and media organisations”... The group said that Taliban should be referred to as mujahideen"

YouTube - The Shan + Rozz Show: EP9 - The Boomz Girl
If you actually believed Ris Low's bad english was a one-off and due to bipolar disorder...

Man Arrested for Being Naked in His Own Kitchen - "Fairfax police say Williamson wanted to be seen naked. Which I guess means Williamson's front yard is a pretty popular spot at 5:30 in the morning"
My favourite comment: "One day my sister walked in on me naked and called me a pervert. The next week I walked in on her naked and she called me a pervert."
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