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Friday, July 10, 2009

"By the time a man realizes that maybe his father was right, he usually has a son who thinks he's wrong." - Charles Wadsworth


Someone (on the 2nd of July): too bad i can't go out till the 8th
to crowded places i mean

Me: quarantine?

Someone: nope
leave of absence from sch

well, i can go jogging because that probably won't spread it
they just told me to not go to school and be socially responsible

Me: be socially responsible
don't act differently
combat the hysteria

Someone: hysteria?

Me: h1n1 hysteria

Someone: which trustworthy scientific authorities have concluded that i should not act differently?

Me: [quotes from trustworthy scientific authorities]

Someone: "The real fear is that the strain will mutate and become more virulent which would pose a greater threat. " (bbc)

Me: yes
which is why the hysteria is not helping

Someone: why?

Me: you fatigue people
then you get boy who cried wolf syndrome
(might happen with progressives)

Someone: how would not going to school for 7 days fatigue people?
or crowded places, etc

Me: when you quarantine people and implement restrictions you shut down the economy
and put people on alert

when soldiers are on alert for a week on end and the enemy hasn't struck, they get bored and tired
and that's the best time to attack

Someone: how would one know exactly when the enemy will attack?

Me: you don't
that's why you don't tell people they're being attacked
you just tell them to watch out

Someone: to what extent would social responsibility of someone who just returned from california would be acceptable to you?

Me: to answer that, let me show you an email I got the day before

"Dear Batch-mates from the RI Class of 1999,

Should you feel unwell on the day of the Batch Reunion, I would urge you to consider giving the event a miss as a precaution to assist us in minimising the spread of any illnesses. In particular, if you have travelled to the list of countries listed in the table below, I would encourage you to consider not attending the event as well...

MOH Website: Countries / Regions with Community Spread and / or known to have Exported Cases (Caa 30 Jun 09)


we are, what, the country with the 4th highest per capita swine flu infection rate in the world
you might be safer in california than singapore

Someone: hmm
how would you know if the govt's current resource spending on containment is too much and will cause mitigation to be very difficult?

Me: I know it's a lot
because it's useless and it's impossible
and contact tracing is damn xiong

it won't cause mitigation to be difficult
it will cause problems if the virus mutates

Someone: how would you know if the govt's current resource spending on containment is too much and will cause [treatment of a deadly mutated virus] to be very difficult?

Me: it's not really about resource spending
but whipping up hysteria

anyway *any* spending on containment is too much
contributing to hysteria which makes future efforts difficult

Someone: but you said something about soldiers being too tired when the enemy strikes

Me: basically you dont tell your soldiers to stay on guard when there's no enemy

probably you're trying to control your soldiers
rather than fight an enemy

Someone else: LaSalle graduates are doomed to a life of failure and misery


MFS: many jews don't keep kosher

first thing we ate together was a pork hotdog

and his mom is REALLY observant

you only keep kosher voluntarily or involuntarily in Israel
where EVERYTHING is kosher

except in the palestinian territories
and cities
then its HALAL

i'm told that the muslims won't eat kosher food
and vice versa

"same process, different prayer"
"makes it unfit for consumption"

Me: if you say grace over food does it make it haram

MFS: good question!

i think you say grace for your OWN food only lah
but God knows it right?

MFM: my favourite place in malaysia:

Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.us

Me: my favourite place in malaysia:

Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.us

MFM: I thought it was going to be sth like customs

Me: har
why? so I can bribe the guy to let me smuggle DVDs in?

MFM: cos it means you're leaving m'sia
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