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Wednesday, January 28, 2009

"If living conditions don't stop improving in this country, we're going to run out of humble beginnings for our great men." - Russell P. Askue


The next time someone accuses you of being NATO (No Action, Talk Only) or of being a whiner or grumbler, and that you should put your body (or election deposit) where your mouth is, remind them of the incredible power that words have:

Offensive booklet reported

"A MUSLIM administrative manager said she felt offended and angry after reading a small anti-Islamic booklet sent to her by post.

Madam Farhati Ahmad, 36, said she received the comic book called The Little Bride through the mail at her Woodlands home on March 6, 2007...

She did not know who sent it but suspected that a Christian organisation had done it. She said she felt very insulted by the booklet whose objective was to insult and confuse Muslims.

'I also feel that its intention was to instigate feelings of anger or hatred for Islam as a religion,' she said...

When Deputy Public Prosecutor Anandan Bala asked why she made a report instead of throwing the booklet away, Madam Farhati said if the publication which she described as dangerous were to fall into wrong hands, it might disrupt racial harmony in Singapore. She also said people could use it to cause harm and chaos."

(Perhaps we should expand our list of banned books, media and materials. Qin Shi Huang had the right idea; all that's left is to bury alive those who disseminate such material as well)

Now, if "dangerous" words (or rather, ideas) could be "dangerous" in the "wrong hands", "disrupt racial harmony" or "cause harm and chaos", imagine what "helpful" ones could do.

What a revolutionary idea.

If we prosecute those who disseminate dangerous ideas, perhaps we should hand out Public Service Medals to those with good ones.
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