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Monday, January 26, 2009

"I love being a writer. What I can't stand is the paperwork." - Peter De Vries


A great cause of Baldie's which gets my BAGUS! stamp of approval:

Stomp Out STOMP!

"Working together to stop STOMP from both intruding into the privacy of Singaporeans, as well as infantilising the minds of Singaporeans.


* We believe STOMP (Straits Times Online Media Print) has more potential for harm than good.
* It is an unnecessary tool for surveillance, and has resulted in unnecessary intrusions into the private lives of Singaporeans.
* It infantilises Singaporeans, discouraging them from thinking critically about social issues by encouraging vouyeuristic journalism.
* STOMP should be shut down for good as it is a detriment toward the establishment of a Renaissance City.
* Alternatively, it should be revamped so that it promotes critical thought about the social issues of our day.

Instructions on how you can help:

1. Join the Facebook Cause.
2. Send an e-mail of appeal.

Some people have asked, "Why an e-mail to show our displeasure?" The rationale is simple - what other form might be viable in sunny Singapore?

* Public protest - out of the picture for obvious reasons.
* Member of Parliament - too much red-tape.
* Nominated Member of Parliament - likewise, but all NMPs are invited to take up this cause if they are interested.
* Feedback form - it's like e-mail, only it goes to a nameless/faceless entity, entitled to reply with nothing but a generic message. A waste of kilobytes, if you ask us.
* Petition - like an e-mail or feedback form reply, but consolidated. No point, as we are only making it easier for the people in charge to say 'no'.

An e-mail is the most viable form in this case. For one, we are targeting our message with an audience in mind - the people at the top - because we have their contact information on hand. For another, we hope that the volume/quantity of e-mails might be enough to make the people at the top think about what we have to say."

The only caveat I would add is that we should not bother MICA or other government agencies: this should be targeted solely at the Straits Times since, besides press freedom issues, this would only further encourage Singaporeans to look to the government to solve all their problems and further infatilise them.
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