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Monday, October 13, 2008

"Nancy Reagan fell down and broke her hair." - Johnny Carson


Me: one reason why america cannot move beyond race is modern liberalism

Someone: i would say it's because of the kind of liberalism that america has. very identity-obsessed.

Me: identity politics

Someone: i am so sick of american identity politics
i see it so much on campus

so we have these multicultural experience sharing sessions
and everyone talks about how they're not being accommodated

it's just really annoying

mostly it's the black americans talking
cos internationals are confused by the whole thing

we aren't as obsessed about ethnicity and identity
not nearly

Me: and everyone is so anxious to avoid offending other people right

Someone: yeah the thing is white people seem to have a guilt complex so they won't go out to try and accommodate/assimilate other people for fear of appearing to step on others identities. but the minorities secretly want to be accepted, except outwardly they agree with the whole cultural separation and 'respect'. but it's this outward stance that i think prevents them from being accepted by self-marginalization

Me: white people are evil mah

Someone: ba

see this is why i'm into psychology. it grounds you in human nature. the fact is people will always be suspicious of difference. liberalism is just in denial of that. it believes in free will where there is none, or not much. very old-fashioned, very cartesian

Me: if it's of any comfort, much of america isn't like that
only in very liberal places
of which the ivory tower is a prime example

Someone: yeah actually here in the midwest people are quite sensible but college kids will be college kids.

HWMNBN: i actually met this hongkie guy today
and he was fucking slagging off on women

he was telling this *** chick *** and i know
that women don't need to be so smart
what they need to do is RESPECT the man

and that hk girls are SACSALS (he didn't use the exact term, but he meant that)
[Ed: SACSAL = Shrill, Anorexic, Chinese-Speaking Ah Lian]

so tihs girl was trying to defend herself
and i asked her: "so what do you look for in a man?"

she said: "it's not about money. or material things... he has to be intelligent, compatible...sensitive."


"oh, and taller than me."

i was like "..."

she's actually quite a nice girl (not chio, but pleasant to talk to which is rare in hk women)

Me: what are most HK like then


replace Chinese with Cantonese
and you've got it

Me: well
at least their Cantonese >> SACSALs' Chinese

HWMNBN: anyway the guy was quite cool, and had a normal name (***)
we had a good hour or so of misogynistic griping

so yeah he was going on about the superiority of japanese culture

and expounding about how women, in social contexts
should pour tea
and keep silent when the men are talking
and laugh appropritately when the men at the table laugh

Me: that's why japan has one of the lowest birth rates in the world

HWMNBN: a lot of it was in cantonese and cultural so it's a bit hard to paraphrase exactly
but you would hav ebeen entertained (if you were there and could speak the lnaguage)

he said that weomen in hk (and singapore, to a lesser extent) have taken the bits of western feminism that favour them
while maintaining eastern traditions that similarly favour them (like man pays)

he said, if they want to be equal, split the bill

he also says that only in hk do women never offer to pay
and that they expect the guy to like use the chopsticks to serve them food

he sounded pretty scarred by his experiences actually, so i warmed to him

Me: so do HK women talk about the "social ills" of letting in PRC women
ie market competition?

HWMNBN: HAHAHAHAHA i expounded that
great minds think alike

the *** chick actually said, "well, if you guys just want gold digging sluts from the mainland"

and he replied: "as opposed to the local gold digging sluts?"
"at least they give you value for money"

we also talked about PRC chicks.. i said, "at least PRC women are generally poor, so you can't blame them for being scheming and calculative and doing anything to get out. whereas HK women tend to be more well off, but still want the guy to pay and pay." in cantonese: "what's yours is mine, what's mine is mine" kind of attitude

HWMNBN: or as gabriel is fond of saying

what women say they want, what they think they wnat, and what they really want are all different

Someone: lol
and he has a deep understanding into the female psyche

HWMNBN: actually he does

*grins* so do i
know thine enemy

Someone: so what have you 2 geniuses done with this knowledge

HWMNBN: an ant can know that the horse is bigger than him
it doesn't mean he can fight the horse

Me: then you?

Someone: me waht?
celibate for the rest of my life =p

oh wait, no.

Me: single doesn't mean celibate ;)

Someone: maybe single for rest of my life. cannot confirm celibate

i was just gonna reaffrim that

great minds think alike

go oz and look for guys lah
they're less fussy

Someone: lol

there're lotsa tall, strapping brunette men there
right up my....alley.


Me: haha

wah lao
that was quite a bad double entendre

Someone: HEY



Me: oh it wasn't meant to be one?

Someone: it was
but it's not BAD!


Me: ....
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