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Wednesday, October 22, 2008

I think it's been suggested to me that I have a glossary for some of the acronyms used (mostly or only) by me.

Here's what I can think of offhand. If you can think of anymore, leave a comment or otherwise tell me:

gssq - My initials
HWMNBN - He Who Must Not Be Named aka nw.t aka The Associate aka mindgame
JB - Hurr hurr
LDPVTP - Lying, Deluded, Psychotic, Vindictive, Treacherous Person
MFM - My Favourite Misanthrope
MFTTW - My Favourite Test Tube Washer
MFS - My Facebook Spouse
nw.t - Go ask him
PPBI - Princess of Peach Blossom Island
SUG - Screwed Up Girl
TMM - The MatheMugger

Groups of People:
PG - Psychotic Girl
SACSAL - Shrill, Anorexic, Chinese-Speaking Ah Lian
UD - Hurr hurr. Also see: ICUD

Personal projects:
HGWT - How Girls Waste Time
u r wt u wr - You Are What You Wear, my series on female fashion and the hypocrisy of girls having T-shirt slogans with sexual innuendo

Any more?
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