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Friday, October 24, 2008

"America is a mistake, a giant mistake." - Sigmund Freud


From one of my favourite sources of entertainment (it's like watching a car crash - macabre yet oddly fascinating), the ST Forum:

Male TV personalities should have neat haircuts and not sport long hair

"ON TUESDAY night, as I tuned in to watch a TV talk show on the recent DBS investment crisis, I could not figure out if the presenter was male or female. I soon realised he was male, with long hair.

Personalities who appear on TV should always ensure they have a neat haircut and present themselves well. Appearing on TV with such long hair does not send a good message to viewers.

It was not long ago the Government used to warn males who appeared with such long hair in public places, for often they were associated with gangs.

I find it strange that MediaCorp allows a show with such a presenter to be aired. I hope it will look into this and ensure all presenters appear with neat and decent haircuts.

Ishwar Mahtani"

The comments are great too:

"It seems like most people have felt the impact of recession, one of them is Ishwar. Ka na retrench and nothing to do at home...come out with this rubbish..."

"I think the writer must be a bald man. Only baldies feel jeolous about men with long hair."

"The Director of the Singapore Eye Research Institute, Prof Donald Tan, who is a personal friend of mine, is a respected doctor. He also has hair which covers his eyes, ears & collar. Should he be relieved of his duties till after he gets a neat haircut?"

"The point of this letter?? Easy. To get more biz for salon. Time is too bad u know."

"Yeah, and Batman should be fat and wear blue colors."
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