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Sunday, September 28, 2008

"You know what you get when you play Twisted Sister's 'Burn in Hell' backwards? 'Go to church and pray on Sunday.'" - Jay Leno


Take Back Valentine's Day! - "Consider... "The Vagina Monologues," the award-winning play by radical feminist Eve Ensler that features women who literally represent vaginas that speak out in a series of monologues. The play is meant to decry rape and other violence against women. Yet, the original performances of the play and the published book eulogize lesbian "rape" of a 13-year-old girl by a 24-year-old woman who plies her with alcohol. The pedophile section is entitled "The Little Coochi Snorcher That Could"... the little girl gratefully concludes, "I'll never need to rely on a man." Both by statute and by feminist definition, the "seduction" scene is rape. Nevertheless, the Coochi Snorcher declares, "...if it was rape, it was a good rape." Such idealization of child molestation would have created a firestorm of outrage if the offending character had been male. But the molester was female, so "The Vagina Monologues" won an OBIE Award on Broadway and noted actresses clamored to be included in the cast. When the New York Times reported the buzz about Ensler, it called her "the Messiah heralding the second wave of feminism."... Betty Dodson — a leader of '60s liberal feminism whose life's work has aimed at demystifying women's sexuality — expressed well-deserved horror at the play. Describing Ensler as "an evangelical minister," Dodson believes that the play is a blast of hatred at men and heterosexuality. After all, the 24-year-old woman who seduces the drunken 13-year-old is portrayed as "rescuing" her from male violence."
Heterophobia does not exist

Japanese signs at the expense of Tamil irks Singapore's Indians - "Singapore’s use of Japanese on signboards in an apparent bid to lure more Japanese tourists has roused concern among some ethnic Indians who make up almost 10% of the city-state’s citizens, with some feeling snubbed at the exclusion of their native language Tamil... Thamiselvan Karuppaya, a 40-year-old ethnic Indian real estate agent, applied to speak Friday on the issue at Speakers’ Corner, a park in Singapore’s financial and business district that has been designated since 2000 by the government as a venue for citizens to air grievances. But he had to abandon his plan after the police objected on ground the issue touches on racial sensitivities... ‘‘Singapore is a multi-ethnic society and maintaining community harmony is a key imperative that we must not take for granted,’’ it said."
Because maintaining community harmony is important, we should suppress or even falsify any statistics with inconvenient mentions of race, language or religion. Because community harmony in Malaysia is important, their government's racial policies cannot be questioned at all. Because community harmony in South Africa was important, their apartheid government's racial policies could not be questioned at all.

Stem cells turn into breast implants - "Silicone breast implants could be replaced by tissue grown from a person's own stem cells within a decade, suggests new research. Jeremy Mao of the University of Illinois, in Chicago, US, took human stem cells and used these to grow fat tissue using a biologically compatible scaffolding. He then successfully implanted the tissue into mice with an immune deficiency to prevent them from rejecting the implants. The implants had maintained their size and shape after four weeks."

Number four not so deadly for Chinese - "People who speak Cantonese link the number four to bad luck and death. But according to researchers from Hong Kong, they are no more likely to die from a heart attack on dates containing the number four than on any other dates."
How did they get funding for this?!

Designer vagina trend 'worrying' - "A leading urogynaecologist has spoken out against the growing popularity of cosmetic vaginal surgery."
How oppressive.

Germaine Greer - "She has recanted the doctrine of free love and now condemns all men as brutal, lazy sperm factories incapable of offering women emotional or sexual satisfaction. The bold liberationist who once scolded women for not stepping up to the plate and claiming the professional opportunities offered to them now bemoans weekly food shopping at the supermarket as "exhausting" and soul-killing work foisted upon victimized women by male authorities... "The Female Eunuch"'s... occasional passages of stirring rhetoric or (more rarely) perceptive analysis float in a miasma of supposition, dubious research, trendy "revolutionary" posturing, the patent settling of personal grudges, strategic vagueness, U-turns in logic and arguments that are Potemkin Villages built out of sheer, unadulterated bravado. Greer can be flabbergastingly categorical, especially when she's wrong, whether she's attributing homosexuality to "the inability of the person to adapt to his given sex role" or noting that ovaries and wombs almost always "go wrong."... Greer has always spoken directly from the tangles of her personal experience, shamelessly extrapolating from her own condition to the rest of womankind and seemingly unaware of her presumption. ("She's about as introspective as a sweet potato," Barbara Grizzuti Harrison once observed.)"

Human flesh search engines: Chinese vigilantes that hunt victims on the web - "With their vast number of participants and angry nature, these witch hunts for a digital age are a uniquely Chinese phenomenon. Xujun Eberlein, the Chinese-American writer and observer, said: “China’s population makes it easy to mobilize a large number of netizens to participate in such a search, especially considering that there are many smart and reasonably well-educated people in China who are intellectually underemployed." She added: “I think there is some pleasure in the idea of making information available when there has been such significant suppression of both thoughts and facts over the previous five decades.”... It quickly caught on and came to be used as a tool to punish the perpetrators of extra-marital affairs, domestic violence and morality crimes. "Righteousness is one of the five virtues in the Confucian tradition,” Ms Eberlein said. “With the convenience of the internet, and in the case of non-responsive law, the righteous people took matters into their own hands.”"

"I like being someone's mistress, my life right now is great!" - "Another person “visav,” found a blog where the pictures came from and the human flesh search engines soon identified her as a girl in Chengdu, China. But the girl in these pictures is not “Fragrant Chrysanthemum 1986.”... Netizens have cursed her on her blog. The human flesh search engines posted phone numbers belonging to her and her relatives on the internet, so people keep calling her and her family repeatedly. She has hired lawyers and asked the Sichuan Online reporters to help her clear up this problem."
Stupid lynch mobs.

Singapore Emigration - "One survey has placed Singapore’s outflow at 26.11 migrants per 1,000 citizens – the second highest in the world. Only Timor Leste (51.07) fares worse... Other comparable city-populations have similarly been affected, but Singapore seems to have been hit hardest of all. The explanation must involve a higher non-economic priority strong enough to propel Singaporeans away from a stable, comfortable living towards the uncertainties of a new life elsewhere... “Many Singaporeans leave because of the stifling atmosphere of the country and the political and intellectual lock-step enforced by the government,” said one analyst. “It would reverse if the government would begin to democratise, and to allow its people to develop their talents – in Singapore, not abroad.” Importing large numbers of migrants from China and India, most of whom treat it as a study or transit point, is not a solution. Minister Mentor Lee Kuan Yew once admitted: “They come in here, they get an English education ? and they're off to America.”"

Diesel's SFW XXX Party Clip Video - "In celebration of Diesel's October 11th 2008 XXX anniversary party they tossed together the most NSFW yet SFW clip we have..."

Future Architecture : Floating Ecopolis for Climate Refugees - "Vincent Callebaut came up with this ecotectural marvel that could serve as a luxurious future retreat for 50,000 inhabitants seeking refuge from rising waters due to global warming. He believes the world will be desperately seeking shelter from the devastations of climate change, and hopes the auto-sufficient amphibious city will serve as a luxurious solution."
A comment by someone: "filled with the best, brightest and richest of humanity, the city is a Utopian society that is the envy of the world. tragedy strikes and the city suddenly sinks to the bottom of the ocean, where it manages to survive as a self-contained habitat though it has lost contact with the surface world. societal pressures and authoritarian rule causes society to regress to a dystopian state, and eventually, the city is destroyed by civil war.
the other 99.9999% of the world, having relocated their coastal population centers and sandbagged the new coastlines over the past century, does not give two hoots about it and moves on."
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