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Monday, September 29, 2008

"A motion to adjourn is always in order." - Robert Heinlein


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negativising hiv virus - We also negativise death, discrimination, racism and genocide.

can the vagina accomodate a 13.5 inch penis

"emma watson" "for the toilet"

"keluar baris" torrent - Is this some Bolehland drama serial?

"Cheryl Lim" "burning man"


local literature of canteen and foods laboratory exposure of hrm students

"gil shaham" tchaikovsky sso review - Wah lao that was so long ago.

woman`stoilet man

Scgs zao geng - Up? Down? Left? Right? This person needs to be more specific.

characteris of gays posing as straits in marriage to women

pastor Gona Caleb , guntur , india

incidents involving racial harmony in aljunied

tips on passing practical driving test-singapore - Is this person a girl? There're lots of tips I hear in that case.

theres any thing i hate 40 year old men who wear ponytails it don't make them look yong or cool

debates on "bane of modern living"

how to chaokeng in ns

SDDM-442 torrent - I don't blame them for being intrigued.

prejudices towards GEPpers - "Don't hate me because I'm gifted. Hate me because I'm smarter than you" - one suggestion for a new T-shirt.

anyone knows how to unlock the NUSSU thumb drive

"buy european pringles"

colon cleanse gold coast practioners

india sexy grels - Must be some monsters.

"MO Room" CMPB

I forgot the appointment so did you do not make fun of my profision

"zao geng" "sports bra" - Is that possible?

"write assessment books"

"WE ARE BROTHERS IN ARMS We are brothers proud to be" - Can you believe there're 19 search results on Google for this?!

misandry feminist

does ragging blocks hidden talent essay - ???

”evil cartооns”rapidshare

downgrade pes see which specialist - Maybe someone will come up with a Google Document on this.

"I want to be a housewife", finland

rat trap "nibbled through"

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pictures of mocmoc and mermer - People still remember them. Uhh.

"Venice Card" problem claiming - Hahahahaha that wretched city screws someone else!

definiton unrepute - Just because eecummings used it doesn't mean it's a real word.

nus noc interview got in

"celery potage"


telok blangah caves and mysteries - Got meh?!

Syncretism combines Judaism, and then Christianity, with heathen philosophies - They need to get their history right.

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6,232 Nudist Beach Profiles (52)

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institutional advertising 造句

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labile women - Isn't that a bad thing?
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Breast Suspension
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krim marine - This came from German Google
Lotus Breast - The top 6 results were all... Hurr hurr.
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Singtel grid girls - I feel like slapping most of them.
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the joker painting
sex-swap surgery - This got QiQi
censored testicles - This got the swimming picture that nw.t delights in.
brothels Mongolia
worth a velvet painting of a whale and a dolphin gettin it on.
hot yahoo girl id's
charlet, you dog you pig
hermaphrodites know bear have a child
upside dow scat - Is this a reference to the Financial Crisis?
hentai Paedophile Who Preyed on Young Boys
auto bukkake - If auto means the same as in auto fellatio, this is quite screwed up.
torture by hurting penis
sex with different ethnic women
caryatid crushed - For a moment I was scared because I thought something happened in Athens, but this refers to Rodin's "The Fallen Caryatid Carrying Her Stone".
house of taboo breast
mfx Feminine Humiliation
manga chastity belt
rod of asclepius - I can foresee people misinterpreting this.
women urinals poster
hostel "shower room" - This got Dachau.
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CLAY-clock Kensington Palace
SATAN "Into The Future" EP/MP3 Blogspot
fiona xie look alike av
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