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Tuesday, January 15, 2008

"You must first have a lot of patience to learn to have patience." - Stanislaw J. Lec


Kampong Buangkok - continued from previous post:



Makeshift bridge

Some people were impatient and ran over this concrete repeatedly when it was wet.

Sylar-ed Buddha. Whoever did this was obviously trying to maliciously offend Buddhists.

The damage


At first we thought these were Kampong Aunties, but we later realised they were there to paint the kampong (and had probably been driven in in the cars seen earlier).

Painter in the background

Who records the painters?


$2000 fine for littering?!

Kampong Telephone directory. Most have cell phones.

Killer Bunny (that's why it's locked up!)

Playing with Killer Bunny


We'd no idea what these were.

Firewood - in Singapore?!

Let sleeping dogs blah blah

Walking out


Broken pottery on rug. Don't ask me. There were also broken bricks and broken pottery in the dirt paths.

Junk - presumably the karang guni

Motorsikal: "Spain's No 1"

2 digit postal code?!

Bench made out of recycled materials


MFM was amused by my bitten leg, since I had neglected to put insect repellent. It didn't really bother me after a while though.

Dill. They had chives also.

Parking coupon. The kampong is like a rubbish dump (the nearest paid-parking area is quite far away).

Flood advisory

Sign pointing to the place

We were discussing whether they could turn this place into an ecotourism locale, but we don't attract that sort of tourist. I'd think that since this is the last kampong on mainland Singapore, the marginal benefit from redeveloping it would surely be outweighed by the marginal cost of its loss.

MFM's pictures

Half a Bunny and the Salmon of Doubt: Kampong Lorong Buangkok

Streetdirectory.com map, where you can get travel directions

Paper by 3 Raffles Guys: Caroline Ong Shu Xian, Rebecca Heng Zer Lyn & Ho Qi Xin, 2006. Conserving Kampong Heritage in Urban Singapore: A Case Study of Kampong Buangkok. 22p. An unpublished project report by students of Raffles Girls’ School (Secondary), supervised by Ho Kah Wai. Submitted on 14 January 2006 for final judging at the Singapore Science & Engineering Fair (Behavioral Science) (Via Habitatnews)

Habitatnews: The Last Kampung

Rush for land to sweep away last Singapore village | Environment | Reuters

Video on Kampong Buangkok from New Tang Dynasty Television (NTDTV)
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