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Monday, January 14, 2008

"Few things are more satisfying than seeing your own children have teenagers of their own." - Doug Larson


Backlog from last semester and the holidays:

Someone said JC kids are very idealistic, but after a year in University students become jaded and cynical. I attribute this to social engineering and problematising.

After I got migrated to the new IVLE, they sneakily disabled SMS announcements. They must be losing a lot of money on it.

Some Chinese students (I suspect just those in my class) were asked on a survey what language we'd use to communicate with someone of the same dialect group: Dialect, Mandarin or English. 1 person responded "interpretive dance". For some reason everyone thought it was me. Wth.

"What else you can do with a library degree : career options for the 90s and beyond" is in Closed Stacks. They must not want too many people to get wrong ideas and not study more "useful" things.

I asked someone why he thought the quality of USP students was going down, and he said the admissions criteria was becoming more gradecentric. Also, they used to look for a "spark" but now it's a more grades-based criteria. He thought my batch was the last one with the spark. Also the marketing began to stress its premier aspect more, so the students attracted were different.

Someone observed that Singaporeans and PRCs hate each other, but both hate the Indians.

I never though I'd see 'heehee' and 'hiakz' inside an Honours thesis. *facepalm*
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