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Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Template migration to do list:

- Migrate template (with some judicious removals)
- Migrate Haloscan (Haloscan seems to work within the Blogger comments code. Since I haven't been using the Blogger comments system, and there isn't a way to do this automatically, this means I am faced with the prospect of manually enabling comments for 3912 posts - everything before this?! I will look for a way to hack this)
(I nixed the '<b:if cond='data:post.allowComments'>' and corresponding '</b:if>' tags so even if comments are disabled I can use Haloscan comments)

- Verbiage trimming
- Add recent comments widget
- Blend Google AdSense and Search colours (Half done. I'll use a colour picker later

(I moved the Search box so it would blend, since I have a feeling we can't modify the colour of the box)
- Adjust layer widths (This may be a bit tricky. I'll need to edit the frame border graphics to make them wider) (fixed thanks to ashke CSS and photoshop help)

- Add YACCS legacy link (forget it)
- Final tidying up


- Move comments into a better spot (I gave up. Maybe some time in the future)

Template migration is essentially DONE as of 1:11AM, August 30th (finally!).
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