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Saturday, July 14, 2007

"I tend to live in the past because most of my life is there." - Herb Caen


Some comments on iTunes I found while trying to find out how to manually refresh my library (you can't):

A: "iTunes will manage itself. You cannot place stuff in there and say "Adapt to ME!" but instead, tag your songs correctly and let iTunes sort itself out."

B: "Why can't it "Adapt to Me?" I use it, it doesn't use me."

C: "I think you'd enjoy iTunes more if you just try it the way it's intended to work and adapt your ways a bit to it. I was like you, manually managing my library, manually moving file to my iPod, etc... until I finally ripped all my CDs to iTunes and it got unwieldly. So I tried letting iTunes do it for me and haven't looked back."

Basically, I think this sums up Mac design philosophy well - things are designed to work well for a majority of users, but try to do things differently or work against the system and you'll be extremely frustrated.

Basically it's good for idiots and conformists. Since when was lack of control a good thing?!

So much for thinking different!
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